Wednesday, 2 November 2016

DIY: Teepee Play Tent (Photoshoot Concept 2)

Now, what is a Teepee?

As quoted from wiki: A tipi (aka tepee or teepee) is a cone-shaped tent, traditionally made of animal skins upon wooden poles. 

This Tee Pee concept was inspired by my photographer friend Ben, who sent me some photos of how his friend did a DIY Teepee tent for her daughter to play in.

I was instantly fascinated with how simple and picture-perfect such a backdrop would be, both for playing and for photo-taking, hence I took the idea further by surfing the net to find out how to build a Teepee. You will be amazed with what resources are available on youtube and google for all kinds of DIY projects! 

It actually isn't hard to DIY this. And the best past is that I have all the materials at home to create this (well, sort of, as I simply substitute the materials needed with whatever I can find). I really do not wish to spend more money on props for photo shooting especially since I already have a Concept 1. Click here to read more about that.

Materials needed:
  • Long Wooden Poles (or bamboo poles) x 3 - I have some tall, wooden "branches" which are home decor vase fillers standing in the corner of my house, so I used that. 
  • Curtain / Big Clothe / Nylon Canopy x 1 - I own 1 Nylon Canopy that resembles a mosquito net from Ikea hidden in one of the cabinets!
  • Big Clothe / Blanket x 1 
  • Set up the 3 poles in a triangular cone-like shape and secure with ropes or twines at the top.
  • Secure the end of each pole (the part that touches the ground) with either blue tack or some sort of heavy weight to prevent it from moving around.
  • Fold the curtain/cloth neatly around the cone-shaped structure.
  • Place a big clothe at the base like a carpet and WALA! you are done!
  • Decorate the tent with any of your favourite items, from flowers to vases, to buntings - once again, you can always google for more inspirations and create a mood board you like


So this is the finished play tent for Hannah! 

(aka Concept 2 for her Cake Smash Photoshoot)

The key to any picture-perfect photos lies in the details. So make sure you ad many of them. They can totally by personalized - just like the 2 soft toys there - they are my favorite korean toy called foodie!

My favorite shot of her!

Kids' feelings are always written over their faces!

Photo Credit:
Benjamin Lim

Please feel free to email Benjamin directly for a quote on the photography package!

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