Sunday, 9 June 2013

Naksan Park, visiting a part of Seoul Fortress @ Hyewah Subway Station

Hyehwa Subway Station, Line 4, Exit 2

Once again, I am back at this location to reminisce the good old times! I absolutely adore the ambiance here even after umpteen times.

Somehow, it brings me to a place of serenity. 언니 and I simply sat on the fortress wall overseeing the rooftops of random houses....  We didn't talk, but we communicated.

The warm weather didn't make it fun to hang out there for too long, but it was worth the climb up the slopes and stairs. Like a hideout in the city.

Exit via exit 2, DO NOT walk straight, instead make a u-turn upon exit - to the right hand side. Turn into the first street/lane that you come across (on the right-hand side).

You wouldn't miss this as it is super crowded in this lane.

 One of the landmarks - WAFFLE LUI - a restaurant located at the end of this lane. (It used to be Beer Castle, but things always change every few years, so too bad for me, I will not meet any cute waiters there anymore! HAHA)
 You will spot this tall tower the moment you turn into the lane.

You can shop along the way as well, there are MANY random shops selling women fashion along the road.

Once you hit the end of the street, turn left and there's yet another street, so just continue walking straight from there, following the lane.

This street you are on has lotsa cafes& restaurants, like shown here. I didn't have time to chill out in any of them, but they sure looked inviting. All the cafes and restaurants looks super inviting. A pity i had no time to check them out over this trip.

Walk till the end, and there will an up-slope road, so just follow it. 
(After that, i'll get a little more complicating)

You should arrive at another street, with something like a performing arts centre on your left-hand side. This street is slightly up-slope, so just persist and walk up, till you hit a dead end. 
(It's just 50m before you should hit a dead end)

Alright so this is the deadend where you turn left. You wll spot this sorta basement carpark.

At the next junction, turn right. And you shall see this playground. Just walk ahead, up hill. it's quite a tough slope, but you will be fine. It's about a 200m up hill walk through some residential apartments. 

Take your time, enjoy the walk up. Keep going up.

Just follow the path and continue walking up.

You will finally see this staircase leading to what seems like nowhere, but that's the stairs to the top of the fortress. Don't give up here. Climb it!

And there you have it, you have arrived at the destination.

Find an ideal spot, climb the wall (yes, you can climb it, just dont fall over the fortress and it's about 3 storeys tall), sit there and relax - like this.

The view is a humble view of random Korean houses. Nothing magnificent, but to me, it was heart-warming.

It'll be really nice if you could catch the sunset or sunrise here. (I caught the sunset here 2 years ago).

After you've had enough fun chilling out, just follow the fortress wall and walk ahead and you will find signs to descend. 

Observe the surrounding areas while you descend... it's pretty fun seeing these random wall paintings.

Yet again, cozy cafes full of their own personalities.

And shops as well. Looks like a flea market shop what sells vintage ornaments and toys.

You will very automatically find your way back to the main roads where lots of roadside stores spring open (at night). It ranges from selling of food, to acessories, to clothes etc.

The one new store i have not seen before is the selling of cocktail and liquor in a street store. Like a portable pub, blasting loud music and flashing techno lights!

Cheers 언니! 
만나서 너무 반가웠어. 다시 보자!

Frankly, Hyewah Station is one of the less commercialized spots that has alot of chic cafes, shops and merchandises. I really suggest you give this place a shot is you want to soak up the mood of shopping like a local. Even if your intention is not to hang out in Naksan Park, just drop by this station to look-see, afterall, it's like couple stops (or is that 1 stop?) away from the popular Myeongdong. (In the past, Hongdae was one of those off-the-beaten track location, which is currently more popular with tourist now, this is kinda more off the beaten track now! hah)

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