Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lotte Mart @ Seoul Station

A tourist being a tourist, you want to bring home a bit of Korea via food stuff and souvenirs etc. Going with a tour group, you could possibly end up shopping at one of their "appointed partners" where they sell (yes) foodstuff and souvenirs all at a convenient one-stop location. But wait. You can take your pick from a variety if you go to Lotte Mart. 

That being said, this entry is going to be all about Lotte Mart! A must-go super market which you may or may not know about. Lotte is a popular household brand in Korea. Walk into ANY Korean convenience store and pick up ANY snack and there you have it - it will be a LOTTE brand. They even have a whole theme park named Lotte World, so - do drop by Lotte Mart for a holistic grocery-shopping experience.

The one I always go to is located at Seoul Station (it's connected to the subway station, hence, I don't reckon I need to provide any directions here)

 For some reasons I wasn't able to capture a good shot of the entrance! Dang! 
In fact, I was so busy shopping that I did not take pictures inside the mall (except for my prized buys... opps!) Anyway, I'd still post these little photos I have taken!

This! This is called Teokpokki Ramen. It's one of my favorite instant noodle cause it's really spicy and satisfying. I received an order from my husband to ship a carton of these back. 
 Not that they can't be bought in Singapore, just that it's alot more exp. in sg - but the funny thing about shopping abroad is that you think everything is cheaper until you "suddenly" recall that you still have to include this thing called "shipping fee!" 

By then, your basket is filled to the brim and it's easier to just pay for the purchase and send an air parcel back.

The good thing about this Lotte Mart in Seoul Station is that they have a post-office within the mart, so it makes things really easy for people like me. In fact, this time round, I spotted a lot more tourist than 2 years back. It's not hard to see why right?

And this parcel is 10 freaking kg. I don't even remember what I bought. Like. Seriously. 
It cost me 55.000 won (SGD61.80) to ship this back! 

Oh well, for the record, these are the best Korean snacks to try (to me!) I just had to put together a collage!
Top to bottom, left to right: 
Lotte Choco Pie in convenient individually wrapped (easy to eat on-the-go),
Crown Maple Waffles individually wrapped,
All-time favourite Lotte Peperro Chocolate-coated with Almond
Orion Peanut Cracker
Market O Brownie (super dense) indivually wrapped
Orion Sun Cracker (made of corn and sun flower)
Crown Coffee Slims (super crispy ultra slim coffee slices!)
Teokbboki Crackers (sweet, salty, crunchy - drooling)
Orion Peanut Rice Cracker (light snack)
Lotte Throat Candies (ultra refreshing)

That's all folks!

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