Sunday, 9 June 2013

L'atelier @ Itaewon and the streets of Itaewon

So, after meeting 얘님 i have arranged for another catch up over tea with another friend. He was the one who gave me weekly lessons when i was staying in Seoul - 혁진.

The meeting location was at Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 3.

I couldn't recall how we walked there, but it was a 3-min walk.

The tea venue is called L'atelier. 
I heard this is one of the locals' favourite dessert place and i can see why.

There were no tourist there. I mean... why would there be since this is not Korean cuisine. It was filled with locals. Somehow, it seems like Koreans love these pastries and bread stuff, like Paris Baguette & Tous de Jours - they are all over the streets in Seoul.
There's like a combination of European desserts & tea bites available...
They had various pastries, tarts, cakes, bread, quiches, sandwiches, puddings, ice-cream, waffles, crepes, chocolates. 

Everything sweet. You name it!

So upon entering, you will see these beautiful food displayed in buffet-style lines. Its super colorful. All you need to do is pick what you like and pay at the end of the line.

The prices are quite expensive. 
If i dont remember wrongly, a cuppa tea cost 8,000 won, that's like close to 10 sgd. Only for 1 tea.

It's like a house of sweets.Showcases after showcases of colourful food!

Couldn't decide what to get cos everything looks yummy.

Even the packaging is so cool. Looks like hand lotion!

 Ultimately we only selected these few items cause we don't think we will finish anything more. Such a pity.

It feels kinda wierd taking photos in there cos i seem like the only one doing that. So i couldn't put up more photos since these was all i managed to snap.

So, if you do what to go there, here is the name card to the place.

Here is a picture of the entrance - looks more like an office building.

Well anyways, here is a snap of us, satified with the superb dessert!

Since we were already in the area of Itaewon, might as well just walk around that area for a bit. 

Itaewon is known to be an area "that foreigners go" and true to it's name, alot of shops found there are very "foreign" looking. Cafes and restaurant-wise are all catered to serve foreigners (or so it seems).

Here is a popular mosque in that area.

The streets in Itaewon looked more like a street found in Europe.

A random stretch of pub and restaurant. 
I am quite sure the night scene would be alot more interesting and happening.

 Some nice building structures.

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