Tuesday, 11 June 2013

2013 Coffee Price Samotoonge

 Let's go to Sanmotoonge again!
 (Also known as the Coffee Prince Filming Site @ Buam-dong)

 This is my 1st time visiting this cafe and viewing the scenery under the warm sunshine. The previous 2 times were during Winter, and I really enjoyed liked the ambiance!

Gyeongbokdong Palace Station, Line 3, Exit 3 
Walk straight (do not cross any road) >> You will arrive at a bus stop >> Take the bus 7022 or 1020 >> Get off as per below instructions and walk uphill (about 20 - 30 mins)

 Upon exit from the subway station, you will be here! Just walk straight and you will hit a bus stop.

This is the bus-stop signboards which will show you a list of buses and drop-off points.

Both 1020 and 7022 will travel the same route. Just make sure you count the bus-stops.

In case you can't count well, just make sure you drop off once you see that building. Club Espresso Cafe.
 Upon drop-off, turn into the lane next to Club Espresso and start walking up-hill.

I personally enjoyed the walk cos it feels peaceful and I could take some time to look at the other surrounding buildings and even houses. But in the heat of Summer, do carry an umbrella!
(If not, you can just grab a cab from the subway station)

They even craved the Sanmotoonge's signage on the rockwall!
Sincere enough to write some words of encouragements for those who are walking up -
 "苦盡甘來" - meaning you shall enjoy the sweet fruits of labour.

 Finally, you will see this entrance which is the sweet destination.

There is a total of 3 different levels ...
(basement, first floor and second floor; of which both the first floor and second floor will offer options to have an outdoor seat to better enjoy the scenery)

What's in the basement.

What's on the second floor.

Outdoor viewing

Absolutely enjoyed this hangout!

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