Sunday, 20 March 2016

A letter to my little girl...

Being a 5-month-old mum, there are a lot of thoughts that go through my mind because this is an entire new phrase of life.

Before I get caught up with "life", before my days become too hectic to write, before I have a chance to forget what I've thought about, here are some things I want my precious, daughter to know.

To my little En En,

When I look into your sweet little eyes each time I cradle you, I'm always filled wonder and gratefulness. There's just so much I'd love to share with you about.

About life, about who you are, about who we are, about anything and everything.

I want you to know:

1. I love u before u were even born, I love you the moment you are born, and I will never stop loving you.

And I mean it - that I love you regardless who you'll become and what you'll achieve; regardless your successes or failures. 

2. You are so very precious, cherish yourself and know that it's OK to say "NO".

Every part of you - from your mind, to your soul, to your body - all of it is special and precious. Don't let anyone steal this truth from you or make you think otherwise.

Saying "no" doesn't mean you are being difficult. Saying "no" just means that you love yourself enough not to be short-changed.

3. Don't grow up comparing yourself to others for there will be no end in comparisons.

Instead, aim to be a better person than the one who's looking back at you in the mirror. You are uniquely you, and you are your own benchmark. Not someone else. Be the best you.

4. Be filled with wonder and gratitude, always.

Being the baby you are right now, everything you come across fascinates you and your eyes twinkle with such wonder.

Because of this, you are always exploring, discovering, learning and enjoying the process of living.

Don't stop. Always look out for even the littlest of things and be filled with wonder, for that will keep you grateful for the life you have.

5. Lastly and most importantly, always, always, go to the Word of God.

I won't lie and tell you the world is a bed of roses, nor that you wouldn't feel "lost" one day, but I can promise you the best way to deal with the world as you live your life is through the Word of God.

The Word of God is God-breathed and it is a lamp to your feet, and light to your path. It is alive and full of power.

All you see, the heavens and earth, they will all pass away, but His Word will not pass away.

(2 Timothy 3:16, Hebrews 4:12, Psalm 119:105, Matthew 24:35)

Finally if you ever, ever wonder (years from now) what is the meaning of life?

Know that you are born to be loved and to be cherished.

Mummy Mel

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