Tuesday, 11 March 2014

#cheokletquoted #5 What you have doesn't make you who you are.

What you have doesn't make you who you are. 
And what you don't doesn't make you any less.

I can't be sure of others, but for me, I sometimes ask myself if I was lacking because I don't own a branded bag, I don't make a lot of money, I don't hold a big position at work and so - many I don'ts.

But then.

I came to discover that people who have all that are regular people too. 

Like me. 

We all eat. 

We shit. 

We cry. 

We hurt.

We puke.

We. Are. Human.

There is no-end to comparisons and when we die, we take nothing with us. 

The question is, as a person, stripped of your possessions including your job, your status, your reputation, your social circle - WHO ARE YOU? 

That's what we should always be asking ourselves, isn't it? Because that will the the real "you".


Stay true & love yourself, then, love some more.

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