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3-Step Facial Treatment Mask by watsons Review

I have been a fan of Watson's for some time now - I ALWAYS have something to buy in there. Somehow. Even if I don't need something. *sigh*

So today I am going to review a particular mask which I recently bought from there. It's called 3-Step Facial Treatment by watsons. (made in Korea)

I didn't buy it because it was made in Korea. Promise.


There are a total of 3of  types, Moisturizing, Anti-Spot & Sebum Control & Whitening. And because I have a problem with oil-control, I bought both the Moisturizing & Sebum Control ones (It was having a buy-1-get-1- offer, and they cost $20.90, if I calculate, it means about $2+ per per mask, which is not too bad)

The packaging looks pretty neat, and each box came with a total of 5 sets of masks.

I call them "sets" because there are 3 items in each set (which is also why I found it interesting!).

Step 1: Boosting Serum
Step 2: Melting Sheet - to stick on specific problem spots
Step 3: Mask Sheet

 Here is the purpose of each step!

Ingredients used:

Actual mask sheets:

The serum was of a rather thick consistency - like that of a moisturizer actually - and it was plentiful.

The application was smooth and there was more than enough, so I rubbed the rest onto my neck and arms - Though it belongs to a "rich" serum category, the serum on its own felt pretty weightless when applied to the face. It was not greasy of anything like that.

Scent-wise was a pleasant light scent, nothing over-whelming.

The melting sheets were annoying! They look like thin sheets of "plastic" stickers and one would have thought it was easy to just peel it off the plastic backing. BUT dang! They aren't easy to peel off AT ALL.

These melting sheets are SOOOOO thin, you can hardly peel them off! I just gave up eventually and skipped that step for the first few applications.

And one fateful day, I managed to peel them off! So they it goes, stuck to my face! (They are meant to melt into your face - that's why the name!)

The sheet mask was of a good quality - thick, doesn't tear easily and has high adherence ability when applied on the face. It was completely soaked in that 25ml of mask serum so it felt really "powerful" if you get what I mean. (But. They aren't the best sheet masks I have seen cause there are those which are thinner, yet saturated in the mask essence and they glue on like jelly! I am referring to Leader's.)

When I removed the sheets, I felt there was a protective layer over my face and I pat what remnants of the serum into my face. It didn't feel light, nor oily. It was in between. After that, I applied a sleeping mask and went to bed.

Over all experience was good despite the annoying "melting sheets".

I like the fact that it is Paraben-free, Alcohol-free & Colorant-free and the fact it has a step 1 serum. Also the sheet mask being 25ml was also a plus to me. 
This IS indeed moisturizing - to the extent I felt it was too rich/nourishing for my combination skin.

I liked the effect when I took it off, but I didn't like the effect the morning after cause I felt my face was a little greasy with that ever-rich effect.  Make up application was smooth (well, cause the skin was well-hydrated), but within 2-3 hrs (as per usual), my T-zone friends came out to play and I looked shiny already.

I would still use it for after-laser treatment, or if my skin was abnormally dry.

It would be a good one for people with dry skin though!

I am IMPRESSED with this! Everything felt the same from the serum's texture to the application of the mask sheets etc.

I liked the effect when I took it off, and I ALSO liked the effect the morning after cause I felt my face was less oily than usual! Surprise! Surprise!

Make up application was smooth (as per the effect of good masks) AND the fantastic part was - even after 3 hours - I didn't need to blot my face. It wasn't matt (how I wish!), but the "radiance" was fair enough for me and I felt my face being more balance in terms of sebum-secretion.

So yes! A good sebum-control mask that was worth the buy.

That's my verdict for tonight.


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