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Etude House Skin Malgem Review

Some of my buys from my recent Seoul Trip includes staff from Etude House, Faceshop, Innisfree, Nature Republic & Laneige and somemore, and I thought it would be a pity to not review them, so I am going to do this part by part. And here is the first. Let's look at Etude House's buys!

Skin Malgem

Skin Malgem & Wonder Pore seems to be the 2 star products in Etude House. 
I was somehow very tempted to get my hands on these though I do not usually buy skin care products from Etude House (seems to target a younger crowd!).
It must have been the advertising messages that's created this hype in me.


  Let's look at some descriptions of Skin Malgem from their advertising & online results:

"Triple-acting treatment combines the benefits of a moisturizer, cream and essence in one bottle for superb hydration that provides immediate relief from skin dryness, while boosting skin's moisture level at the same time. Hypoallergenic formula promotes a clear and pure complexion, while select pore-controlling ingredients minimize pore size for a smoother and more refined surface."

Formulated with 3 main ingredients - Fruit mix, Panthenol, Orchid extract 

"Fresh, Smoother, Moist, Deep Moist, Essential"

   - makes skin feel luxuriously soft and look radiant
  - removes dead skin cells and makes skin soft, smooth and elastic
  - effectively soften and remove blackheads, deep sealed dirt and oil from the pore
>>Paraben free, artificial pigment free, benzophenone free, animal nature material free, mineral oil free.


 - creates clean, clear, transparent and illuminating skin
- exfoliates old and delivers moisture to create smooth skin
- all-in-one product with [Emulsion + Essence + Cream].
- Babassu seed extract spreads without sticky and protects while delivering moisture.
>>Paraben free, benzophenone free, animal nature material free, mineral oil free.


  맑음 [mal:gəm] 

the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.

Here's what I roughly figured out from the above Korean words (based on my "broken-Korean" translation, yes, this is a disclaimer that I may not be 100% accurate): 

- The abundance of beauty essence (in the ingredients) applied to dry skin can deliver nourishment and hydration at the same time, keeping the skin deeply moisturized.
- The abundance of nourishing ingredients containing Soybean that enriches the skin
- Free from (I suppose): Paraben, Artificial pigment, Benzophenone, Animal Material, Mineral oil.

*Made of (IN BLUE):
Fruit Acid that eliminates old/aged top skin layer
Panthenol (Vitamin B5) that delivers and retains moisture
Orchid Extract that gives skin a radiance (on its own)

Pour an appropriate amount on your hand or cotton pad and apply it to skin in a gentle dabbing/tapping motion. Finally, press it in with the palm of your hands all over your face. (For extra dry spots, pour some amount on soft cotton and use as a mask. Leave on for 30 seconds before removing and dry areas will be kept hydrated for a longer time. Should there be no dry spots, using the product alone without will be sufficient to add moisture to the skin.)

This pictorial pretty much tells it all:
1. You can use this as a 2-step system:
First >> Fresh, Smoother (Allow for absorption by wiping on skin) then
Second >> Moist, Deep Moist, Essential
2. Use as a spot mask for dry areas, leaving it on for 30 seconds
3. Using it as a face mask (pouring at least 15ml on face sheet and apply)
4. Use a a mist to spray on whenever the skin feels dry



And solely my own 
(Believe at your own risk!)

I must say the advertising/product claim IS indeed convincing.

Not only does it consists 6 different bottles to suit ANY skin type requirements, it also formulated with 3 main, awesome ingredients, free from 5 of those not-so-nice ingredients & to round that all up, there are multiple uses (spot mask, mask, mist etc.). It claims to exfoliate dead skin cells, keep the skin clear & moist (translated in my brain = translucent skin) And the price being 12,000 won makes it feel like a waste NOT to buy it.

It makes for a value buy, seriously. 


We don't know how much of those cool ingredients make up the product. It could be all water and alcohol, with just enough of those cool fruit extracts to "claim" it's mainly made up of them (see below ingredients shot). The fruit extract starts from the 5th element onwards, which I suppose is still not too bad since it's within the top 10.

And I find the description to be a little vague because all 6 bottles have relatively different textures. (e.g how do you use Deep Moist as a mist when it is so thick?!)

When I did a search online before buying the product, I couldn't find any good recommendations on how to use it. But now that I visited the store and roughly tried them all, here is my opinion on it's usage, in relation to their multiple methods of using it.

Use like a toner (via cotton pad):
Fresh (liquid form) - Combination/Oily Skin since it has sebum-controlling effect
Smoother (liquid form) - Normal to Dry Skin
Moist (STILL a liquid form) - Normal to Combination / Oily Skin
Essential (liquid form with oil so solution needs to be shaked before use) - Extremely Dry Skin 

Use like an essence (via hand):
Deep Moist (thick consistency liquid form) - Dry Skin

Use like a moisturizer (via hand):
Emulsion - All Skin

Use as Spot Mask / Mask - A mask is mainly used to restore moisture or deliver hydration to the skin. So I reckon Moist/Deep Moist to be the ones because of its fluid consistency (yet not watery, whilst the rest are more like "water" consistency) Moist claims to have hyaluronic acid that keeps moisture locked in- sounds good isn't it?
*Though the sales staff said ALL can be used as mask!

Use as a Mist - A mist is mainly used to refresh dry spots instantly, control excess sebum and so I reckon Fresh/Smoother/Moist/Essential as the ones. Essential has a mix of oil in there which will aid extreme cases of dryness.  


Even though I have combination skin, I went for the Deep Moist one because felt I my skin needed ALOT of hydration. I liked the way it felt watery enough to be applied as a light veil over the face, and yet thick enough to be used as a mask to restore moisture on dry areas.

It has a fresh and nice scent that was not overwhelming. Being alcohol and acid, I expected it to sting a little when applied on my face, but it didn't. In fact, for the first application, I did not even finish my routine with my usual moisturizer (just a toner beforehand + this) and it did impress me a little cos I woke up to a face that was neither too dry, nor too oily. It also did provide some comfort to my face in terms of hydration when I used it as a face mask. (Not the best, but for the price of it, it was fair) No damage or negative reactions were recorded. 

Having said all that, it did not work wonders for me, as my skin and pores stayed pretty much the same. What it did for me as merely to maintain and not to exfoliate or help clear up the previous built-up dead skin cells, blackheads.(Perhaps it only did light-duty exfoliation in terms of ridding the daily build-up of skin cells, preventing it from accumulation?)

Overall, the experience was pleasant and I still continue to use it as a step 2, after my toner and sometimes as a mask. It adds a nice cushion in my usual routine before I apply my does of AHA as a step 3 and my skin was alright, in fact, less stinging. 

For a product of this price - I think it IS a good buy. I will recommend it for light-duty usage and maintenance!

Since this is a pretty long entry, I will continue my review on Wonder Pore in a separate post!


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