Sunday, 16 January 2011

Korean Children's Centre - Snow Sledding Field

Subway Line 7, Children''s Grand Park, Exit 2

So, we had another field trip the past Friday - we know this to be Children's Grand Park - but a search on the net seems to reflect "Children's Grand Park" as a theme park with amusement rides (check it out here) and this place we went to is actually called "Korean Children's Centre Snow Sledding Field" (more information here) though both these locations are situated close to each other (it seems!)

Well anyway, because of my ill body, I was really in no mood/shape to attend this field trip. I was also feeling the downs of missing the snow-skiing arrangement that I made with my Taiwan friends last weekend - and I had already paid for it, only to give it up. Really.

It's been 2 weeks since I fell sick with flu and started having diarrhea, been to the hospital twice so far, still feeling ill, but staying home is not going to lift my mood and make me feel better, so my classmates encouraged me to "just come along!" I guess this was the closest to the snow-ski experience. And so, I did!

This facility is probably only opened in winter cause the place was just covered with snow - like a Winter white land!

There are huge slopes with varying gradients where one is expected to grab a "float"" or sled and glide down the slope - super childish activity, I know. But this is supposedly Children's Park. Let's all just go back to being kids! *yay*


Couldn't resist taking a picture of these cuties! Ultra colorful and cute!

Forcing a smile - felt really horrible inside, though.

언니 is really sweet, she keeps making sure I was ok, and kept taking pictures of me, so I focus on smiling and doing "happy" things.

The top of the slope was really cramp cos you have 589 other people who are gliding down with you! 

(I exaggerated - about 15 people at once?)


As the location was outdoor, there was almost no shelter to hide from the cold. You just gotta brace yourself!

Us standing around the heater to get all the warmth we can!

Apart from the snow sledding, there was also "ice-fishing" where you start catching fish from a tub of  "iced-pond". Really more like training for the kid's psycho-motor skills. But we did it anyway. Everyone went back to being a kid!


Well anyways, we caught the fish and then released them back into the pond. Not like we could eat them "live" or have them sliced fresh - poor fish!

Being out despite feeling sick did help lift my spirits after all. (But I am still staying home this weekend!)

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