Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Coffee Prince Filming Site @ Buam-dong 부암동

Gyeongbokdong Palace Station, Line 3, Exit 3
Spot the Dunkin Donuts and take the bus from the bus stop in front of Dunkin Donuts, 7022 or 1020
Get off when you spot "Club Espresso" cafe 
Walk up hill via the small lane 

The horrible flu and diarrhea has left me defeated. It got me down for the past 3 weeks now, and my body is reacting badly to winter, except for going to school, I had been staying home for almost the entire month.

This weekend, I decided I had enough, and headed to Buam-dong, one of the locations i marked down from my touring book.When I asked 언니 about this location, she researched on it abit and drew me a map to this particular Cafe saying that it will be fun for me to visit this site - guess she wanted to cheer me up... 

So very sweet of her. :)

This is her pretty map. (See Club Espresso and the yellow highlighted part? That's where i need to get off the bus and start walking - she estimated a 1 hour walk, but it didn't take that long)

The name of this cafe is called "Sanmotoonge" 산모퉁이"
More information can be found via this website : http://sanmotoonge.co.kr/
(in korean though, so best will be to ask for help to translate the directions)

This is the filming venue of the house in Coffee Prince Drama, where many scenes took place. I only came to realise when i was about the reach the place.. Sick and blur.

The walk up-hill is really therapeutic cause the area was tranquil and peaceful. Just what I needed.

This shot was taken by my lovely Japanese classmate whom i call 언니 as well. 


The walk up may be a little confusing cos it seems like walking to no where, but you just gotta persist. Make sure you are walking upwards and not digress into any small lanes. You should be able to spot the cafe sitting atop the hill while walking. Keep looking at it and you will eventually arrive there.

And we even made new friends while walking up.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance of the cafe! Hooray!

All the rest are random shots taken in and outside of the cafe. The scenery was really good and there were lotsa interesting things including some old-school and arty stuff.

 I must say the beverages and desserts offered there are really pricy as compared to those in town, but this is afterall a filming site, so it's kinda expected. (Just don't expect the taste to be fantastic to avoid diasppointment)

 As it was really cold, we couldn't hang out too long outside.


 Other than what you see in the drama, there is a basement where you didn't get to see in the drama as well.

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