Monday, 8 November 2010

Volunteering my service @ Amsadong

One of the things on my wish list was actually to volunteer, or at least participate in some sort of cultural interaction etc. So I searched the net and found an interesting site relating to volunteering. (

"ICI-Volunteers are a group of volunteers from all around the world who both learn about Korea and experience Korea, too.

We have had over 200 volunteers help with us, and usually have around 25 active members at any one time.

We do things such as; meet up, talk about what volunteering opportunities are out there, learn about Korea, and once a month engage in some kind of cultural activity like learning how to make traditional Korean food, or folk art.

If you are interested in joining, whether it be just one time, or once a month, 
just email Logan on for a registration form."

Alternative e-mail:
*자세한 사항과 신청은 02-3210-3266  ici@icworld.or.kr로 문의 또는 메일주세요.
*For more information and an application form, send an e-mail.

I wrote in with my resume and was pretty excited about this inter-culture exchange/volunteer program.

It didn't take long for them to revert to me and I was being assigned to Amsadong Pre-Historic Settlement. The person I spoke with was Logan -- an extremely friendly and warm person!

My duty was primarily to assist a fellow Korean volunteer to bring Korean students around the site and explain the lifestyle of the people in ancient times. The Korean volunteer will be in charge of explaining the various historic values and lifestyle in korean, and I was to reiterate his/her explanation in english, highlighting some key words that the students can learn. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? 

More about Amsadong Pre-Historic Settlement

Amsadong is in fact a 1.5hr subway ride from my place, but the expereince was well worth the time. 
(Well, it wasn't as smooth as I had planned it to be, but nevertheless - everything is an experience)

 Here are some actual pictures taken...

As I am a new volunteer, I was scheduled to go a day in advance for a pre-program session.
The weather looks foggy cos Winter is soon approaching and that casts a rather dreamy mood. 
A shot of the Chinese volunteer who ran through the program with me. 
She was really sincere and warm. 

Here are some indoor shots of museum, explaining the uses of different stone age periods depicted by the different discovery of rocks, weapons, tools and utensils in shapes of "pots" etc.

The Korean volunteer who spoke really good english!

The experience was not as smooth because although we were well prepared, the students who were suppose to turn up fell short of attendance and there was only 1-2 students of whom we did show them around, but the interaction was so minimal and the cross culture exchange opportunity was also minimal.

Still, I did enjoy this overall experience. Every experience is a lesson.  

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