Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hanging around Sinsa-dong, Garousugil, Apujeong?

What should I say about this next location?

Even though I've read about this location from tour books, it's not one of my to-go places cos the it has this image of an "up-market street". I mean - I am no "up-market girl". And a real bargain hunter, so, what good would it be for me to hang out in a location that's known to consist of luxury goods, expensive cafes, and ultra-beautiful people?

Oh, well, Rose would proof me wrong when she insisted I go walk-walk with her the day she arrived!

I gotta admit that I am really confused with its names. So is Sinsa-dong, Garousil and Apujeong the same location? Truth is, I STILL don't know. But we did get off Sinsa subway station and randomly found our way to these beautiful streets which are so different in architectural styles and concepts. The window displays also seem to be more influenced by the West. A stylish place with an artistic touch in every corner. It's like walking through an art gallery.

"It's like the SOHO district of Seoul.." says one of those tourist websites. And it sure was!

Sinsa Subway Station, Line 3, Exit 8

Here are some random shots of the streets. See how different they are compared to the rest of the shopping districts like Hongdae, Myeongdong and Dongdaemun?

They say you could spot celebrities hanging out in these areas too, since there are a couple of entertainment agencies nearby.

Pretending I'm in some part of Europe!

These pictures are just a peek into the streets here - if you wanna see more - come experience it yourself!

Some crazy shots on the day I went to meet Rose!

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