Sunday, 3 October 2010

Museum of Literacy & Cheonggyecheon - Our first field trip as a class

1st Field Trip to Museum of Literacy? (cant recall the name)

So, we went for our first field trip to some Museum showcasing how hanguel came about.

To be frank, it was really boring! (to me)

Seems like we went thery only to fulfil out "field trip time"... cos all we did as a group was to take pictures!

It was like the objective of the field trip was to take pictures! Each time we went somewhere, the teacher would say "Ok, everyone please gather and take pictures..." then they'd leave you to do your own thing.

This is the evidence of our group photo - funny how the teachers tried squeezing everyone in but none of our faces can be seen in here!

The weather was so good, and going to the outdoors was so much better! 

Shot taken at the Gwaghwamun field. My second visit here.

There was a festival happening so the stream was filled with people working up the decorations. 

I must say that this stream is a super nice place to hangout for a walk.And the best part is that you can walk via this bridge to connect you from Dongdaemun, to Myeondong, to Gwanhwamun. 

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