Monday, 6 December 2004


If you can walk upright, when men step on your back,
If they got to somewhere high up there, while you remained.
If you can withstand stress, when work is piled up your neck,
If they have gained your credits, and you kept silent just to be sustained.

If you can keep your cool, while people around gets heated up,
Amidst confusions and loud distractions yet manage to keep your focus right.
If you can take a blatant comment, twist it around and make it sharp,
Take a critic’s word for an encouragement, and then dismiss it overnight.

If you can look further than the present, build a friend from a foe,
And not bend a loyal pact; succumb to sweet temptations for a treacherous fraud.
If you can understand how one second of joy may also turn into a lifetime of woe,
Despite a miserly wage, push on to learn the lessons taught.

If you can take reality with a pinch of superficiality,
Comprehend the need for synergy between these two parties.
If you suffer the loss of integrity, yet never fail to show dignity,
Win the hearts of many out there, despite having lost faith in their priorities.

If you can be quiet not because you have nothing to say,
If you can smile even though you feel like crying.
If you can work through the night, but still keep awake by the day,
If you can stand by truth while everyone around invests in lying.

If you can stay positive regardless of how negative situations may reach,
And look far enough, without being knocked down by some occasional hitch.
If you can lose everything you fought so hard to build from scratch.
Then pick yourself up once again, and start to sew the broken pieces back patch by patch.

If you are able to forgive the unhappiness, without forgetting the lessons of pain,
And remember that one moment of discipline can save a whole lot of pathetic sight.
Understand that modesty and humble beginnings may also reap great harvests of grains,
If you can dream of big things, and work from smallest posts to the greatest heights.


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