I started this blog as a form of free expression, but only began writing actively, when I stayed in Seoul, South Korea, for 6 months (Autumn-Winter 2010/2011), recording my various encounters there.

Slowly, it turned into a directory for sharing my experiences in Seoul and other travel stories, of which I enjoyed writing every bit of it, recounting every moment.

I renamed the theme of this blog to "some of my favourite things" in 2013, because I started to write more widely about things I like, including beauty, make-up, skin care and random philosophical stuff, though not as much as I would like to. No where near being a beauty expert, but I would say I am a beauty enthusiast.

I like inspiring others live pursuing things they like because that's the only way to live happily!

This wouldn't be the end because I have 10,000 other favourite things (nah, I exaggerated, just 5,769 more!) including music, books, baking, cooking, scrap-booking etc. Random, I know. That's me.

As of 2015, I am embracing a new title of being a MUM! Needless to say, this blog will now be very skewed towards parenthood and babies! That will be another additional area to make memories of!

I am Singaporean, hold a full-time job, am a daughter, sister, wife and (now) mother to some awesome people and can't be more grateful to have all that I do.

I am contactable via melissacheoksz@gmail.com.

All images are taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise, then I would have a link back to the source of the image.

The information in this blog is true to what I have experienced personally while travelling; via personal researching & trial. I apologise for any inaccurate information either due to my lack of awareness or changes (i.e. maps, facilities, products etc). 

Nevertheless, I don't get paid, nor sponsored for any reviews (be it travel/product related). Products featured are either purchased or exchanged via cash credits.


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