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Phuket: Day 1 - The Life Co.

I have never heard of The Life Co. Phuket until my girlfriend invited me for a stay with her while she was there for a detox retreat. 

Well, I have never done a detox in my life before as I thought it was too much trouble and never really saw the need to, so this time, I decided that I should join her as a companion (supporter) for a few days to find out more, while taking a break from childcare (which I really needed)!

You can think of this as a wellness journey or wellness detox retreat cum holiday. 
- decide on which detox treatment you prefer; 
- how many days you want your detox to last - 3 days? 7 days? 1 month? Or even more;
- get on a flight and check in to The Life Co. 

They are not just an accommodation/hotel, they are a wellness community, a wellness centre and support centre for chronic illness all rolled into 1! 

Besides accommodation and catering to your detox meals all day, everyday (customised to you), they also have all the facilities of a wellness spa in the resort that includes massage rooms, pools, gym, steam room, infra red sauna etc. On top of these, they plan alot of wellness activities (i.e. morning walks, yoga classes, meditation classes etc.)  throughout the day for you to really get connected to yourself, de-stress, enjoy and love yourself. 

As if these are not enough, they also have an in-built clinic with doctors you could consult with to analyse your body/blood and ensure you take the right detox treatment. I have learnt that detox also comes in various intensities that include colon cleansing & vitamin C infusion (via IV drips) etc. (There is more to detox than just drinking juices!)

So, my day started with a mis-comm with the airport-hotel transfer company that I have arranged via expedia, but thank God there was a very helpful agent who saw me idling and wandering around, so she helped me with contacting my tour agent and soon enough their representative found me and sent me off in their van. 

Phuket Transfer Agent: Tour East

Cost: SGD$30 for 2-way airport - hotel transfer

The distance between the airport and The Life Co. must have been short as it took less than 15 mins for me to arrive there.

Agents are no longer allowed to clutter the arrival hall so there is a designated area at the exit where there was a mass of agents holding up sign boards of their guests name. Sadly, I couldn't spot mine and waited aimlessly at the artificial grassland. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted this wellness wall painting.

The Life Co.'s reception area. Cosy and clean.

A few steps away would be the Vegan cafe cum restaurant. 
(Yup, this is the only type of food served here, Vegan Food!)

An example of their menu.

Around the cafe, you will spot wellness posters to remind you of what is really important in your life.

And also a notice board that says what are the day's and the next day's activities so that guests are aware and can opt to join in any of them (majority without having to pay extra e.g. daily morning walks & yoga classes) 

Another few steps away would be the "lake view" of the resort. 

This consists of a cluster of privately owned villas and a stetch of villas that is owned by Life Co., all surrounding a mini lake. 

(Obviously, the cloudy skies didn't do justice to the beauty and serenity of the place)

Lazy chairs to laze around in, randomly positioned in front of the lake.

Yes, a much better photo shot of the view.

The walkway that leads to the different villas (aka "buildings") as well as pavillions and relaxation spaces, overlooking the lake, all belonging to The Life Co. 

Along the walkway, the first pavillion is the Massage Sala, where guests could pay for a relaxing massage with lake view.

Then their hotel representative explained to me, they classified their villas into 3 buildings, 
1. Therapy building
2. Clinic building 
3. Club House

Each villa for a specific purpose and with a mini pool situated right in front of it.


Here is the first building is known as "Therapy Building" which houses the steam room and infra red sauna that is exclusive to female guests. (But when I was there this building was under maintenance, so female guests could co-share the steam room and sauna in the next building with the male guests)

This is the Yoga pavillion a certified instructor will conduct 1.5hr of yoga session every morning, rain or shine and resort guests can just come and join the sessions without additional charges. 


Right behind the Yoga Sala is the Clinic Building which also has a mini pool right in front and 2 levels of fully operated facilities.

Level 1: 
Steam Room, Infra Red Sauna, Lockers, Shower Rooms and Colon Detox Treatment rooms

Level 2: 
Clinic operated by Dr Thomas Lodi, IV stations for the infusion of Vitamins (as part of the detox program) as well as some other more targeted Treatment rooms.

The mini pool good for a dip.

Super well-equipped "spa centre" where the steam room and sauna is located. 

They also have multiple shower cubicles with towels, bath robes, bedroom slippers, so guests need not bring anything but themselves.

And I thought it was pretty cool an idea, to infuse water with various vegetables like celery and cucumbers. You could find such vegetable-infused water jugs everywhere around the villas to ensure you are well-hydrated.

45 degree steam room

55 degree sauna

They also have this super cool "sonic" machine which is said to help you shake off the weight and calories if you manage to stand on it 30 mins x 2 daily. 

Too bad I only found out about this on my last day! LOL

Colon Cleansing Treatment Room

IV drip stations


The final buildind is known as the "Club House" which houses a Gym and a Meditation Room for Mental Wellness activities. 

Similarly, right in front of the building as a pavillion space, but it was not designated for any purpose "yet" - perhaps an event space?

Entrance to Meditation Room. 
These huge round stickers are almost found everywhere in the resort as a reminder to enjoy being in the present.

Meditation room area where they have mental wellness practical lessons. 


So, here is the basic twin-sharing accommodation which my friend very kindly shared with me.  

The total occupancy of the resort runs at about 80 pax, so there are about 40 rooms ranging from basic ones like this to suites which actual villas with  mini pool right in front.

It is simple & comfortable room area with it's own walk-in wardrobe, toilets and vanity area.

And here is the view from the room, overlooking the lake.

And for the sake of showcasing, this an example of the detox meal they have customised to fit my friend's diet.

By the time I was done roaming around, I was rather done for the day and decided to practice the "sleep early - wake early" policy, 

It is the first holistic wellness centre cum resort I have ever seen and I was pretty impressed with all the treatments, service and facilities they offer though I did not sign up for a detox meal package.

To learn more about detox, what they have to offer and their resort accommodation packages, please visit their website here.

*P.S: This is an un-sponsored post and all opinions are solely my own.

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