Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Awesome Day at National Gallery - Keppel Centre for Art Education.

24th October is a special day for Little Hannah, as she is officially ONE and we didn't want to just go out shopping at some random unmemorable shopping centre with her - so I thought and googled hard and eventually, we decided to take her to the museum (well, sortof) - The National Galley.

I didn't expect to find a learning cum play space for babies & toddlers in any museum, but I am so wrong!

National Gallery's Keppel Centre for Art Education is located right in the heart of the city and has multiple play and learn spaces for kids of all different age groups and and it was so fun!

The different areas include:

Art Corridor, Art Playspace, Project Gallery, Children's Museum each space having its own objective like learning about colors & shapes; or creating your own art piece; making your own 3D craft project etc.

You can check it out on the National Gallery website here.

As usual, our day started with Hannah busy carrying her new paperbag handbag around the house and a bowl of "mee suah" which my mum reminded me XYZ number of times to prepare for her on her birthday!

Then we headed out for our own lunch. And she cheekily continually pulled down her headband cause she felt it will look nicer that way.

By the time we got to National Gallery, it was just after lunch. Thankfully, the place was not crowded at all since it was a Monday, though we spotted different groups of school children who were there as a class, possibly for a "field trip".

So, the moment we entered from the carpark, were greeted with a corridor filled with arty frames - mostly created by kids.


Then we spotted a room labelled "Children's Museum Workshop". Since it was an open space - which was good for Hannah to run around - we decided to enter and explore.

This is a big space where toddlers and children can just hang around the tables and use magnetic shapes to form structures or put together the shapes and colours on the magnetic boards. There are tables where older kids could do some self-assembled crafts to take home as well. 

There is also a cushioned area, I presume it was for kids to laze around.

Hannah being reluctant to take another step as the carpet sensation is something new to her. 

Soon, the bright colours and shapes got the better of her and she started walking and picking things up and throwing them on the floor.

Of course, we started piecing the shapes together as well and I felt like I played alot more than her!

Here we tried to teach her to stick the magnets unto the boards.


Look at the amount of magnetic shapes here!!! Overwhelming and she doesn't know what to do with them except to fling them on the floor.

That's me trying to keep her under control. LOL

Us, pretending to fit into a photo frame. 

We easily spent 30 - 40 mins just hanging out here.

Here, Hannah is trying to gel-in and play with the older kids! HAHA



This is meant for older kids where you kind of enter a "woods" atmosphere and there is an elongated projector screen where animals of all different colours and designs are running around in the screen.

Basically, you could select any animal you want through the computerized system, paint them on the touch-screen monitor and then post it, and your animal will come alive on the projected big screen!  Like - WOW - I mean, personally, I felt so happy seeing my customized animal running about (I know, I am easily amused!) but, if an adult feels accomplished, I think kids will love this!



Finally, we only had energy left for the last activity, which is the Enchanted Tree House! 

"A fantastical play area inspired by the idea of “entering a painting”, The Enchanted Tree House invites young visitors to explore a magical forest, roam through a labyrinth and survive a dangerous river. Thrown out of the sea by a tornado, Fynn the Fish-on-Sticks, and his forest friends go on a journey to save their forest home from destruction. Discover mysteries, unexpected surprises and stories of friendship and courage along the way!" 

By Artist: Sandra Lee

I must say this "forest" is pretty interesting and beautifully painted. There are pop ups of trees and animals everywhere and when you walk into 1 corner, you get surprised by some other animal lurking around that corner.

You are just free to roam around anywhere you'd like here, Just let your imagination run wild.

It was absolutely fun for me, though I am not sure how Hannah feels about this, :)

Feeling life Alice in Wonderland.


Once again, Hannah is making friends on her own. 

And there really was a tree house where you have to climb into it.

This is the way we take selfies these days...

So, there you have it, 1 day at the Museum and it was absolutely a beautiful way to spend her birthday. I hope we will drop by again soon!

She is completely exhausted by now.

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