Monday, 21 March 2016

My 7 weird signs of Motherhood

I have always known that one changes after becoming a mum. But, what I didn't know was how drastic, yet subtle it would be.

After spending 3 full months caring for little En En on my own, I discovered - things that I used to spend seconds doing... I can now spend hours doing instead.

Ironically, things that I spent hours doing previously, I can spend minutes doing now...

Better still, I find myself doing things that I completely don't see myself doing previously.

So here are some signs of Motherhood that I know I'd always fondly remember: 

1. Hand washing baby's clothes, when I've never even bothered hand washing my own.

And I am guilty of washing them so hard, repeatedly, as if it were bacteria-infested (and this is when she hasn't even worn it for the first time).

2. Letting her have my "chou chou" even when I have made a conscious promise that my "chou chou" is MINE and MINE alone.

We completely enjoy sharing the bacteria as we share the love.

3. Making sure she gets her milk, even when my own stomach is growling in hunger.

Yup, I know, I'm a great mum.

4. Hanging baby's clothes in my beautiful balcony to dry - when I've always wondered why people have to turn their beautiful balconies into ugly ones with all those hanging clothes. 

I offer 2 reasons here:
 - I secretly think the air is cleaner in the balcony.
 - My baby's clothes are so cute they actually make the balcony look cuter.

5. Taking 1 hour to make 1 cup of hot MILO and another hour to drink it, cold.

I know right, how difficult can making milo be? "Just add water..."

I've came to realize there are many steps involved in making 1 cup of milo, and they include running to and from baby, boiling the water, diaper-changing, scooping milo powder, rocking baby, warming milk, feeding, spilling, settle some crying, cleaning, washing bottles, pumping milk and finally, you get to enjoy your cold milo after you have bathed the little one. All in all, about 2 hours flat.  

6. Allowing myself to get shit-ed and pee-ed on and still to keep calm. Especially for an OCD person like me.

The true spirit of motherhood is patience. What's all these compared to her lying next to my bladder for 9 months?  

7. Over-packing our outing bag "just in case".  

What's not to like when my diaper bag actually doubles up as a toning and firming arm exercise?

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