Monday, 14 September 2015

2015 Hillsong Conference, Sydney - My personal recap

I still cannot believe it - Hillsong Conference (HSC) 2015 is over... *sobs*

Since we booked the 2015 HSC ticket last year, it seems like the wait to attend HSC took forever, and suddenly, forever ended - so I am recovering from my shock. (yes, I exaggerate)

It is now time for a good recap on the HSC 2015 journey.

This year's theme is "Speak, we're listening..." so it is very centred on listening to God; hearing from Him.

As per previous years, the location for HSC is held at the Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park - which has sitting capacity of 21,000.

Nearest Station would be Olympic Park Station, but the only connecting train to that stop is from Lidcombe Station, so, the journey will look somewhat like:

Your destination station (e.g. Central Station) - Lidcombe - Olympic Park

If you live in sunny island Singapore or cities with very few subway lines, it is likely for you to get confused when you are in Sydney because they are way-to-many train lines and platforms, so it pays to do some homework beforehand and check out the right route, train, platform to get on. :)

More info on Sydney's Trains Timetables are found here:

What is Hillsong Conference like?

So excited to hear Pastor Prince preach even though we are so blessed to have him preach to us in NCC every Sunday already! 

For anyone who in interested to attend Hillsong and have never attended it before, here is a snippet of the activities you can look forward to. Basically, during conference days, you will be very busy as the morning Praise & Worship session followed by sermon is NOT TO BE MISSED! Cos it is a super awesome time of worship. Then you will be going around to attend the various classes and before you know it, the evening worship will be starting!

Some Highlights from 2015 Hillsong Conference

Us being very excited for the official start of Hillsong Conference! And this year, we brought a little precious baby who is still baking is my tummy. :)

The awesomeness of everyone coming together to praise God.

Preach it pastor!

Mandatory entrance shot in front of the Hillsong Banner.

Us sitting on the floor outside the audi (along with the many others), waiting for conference doors to be opened.

Playing around with the balloons from Hillsong Kids!

So happy to have sneaked a photo shot with Pastor Brian who was there to sign his book. 
I am pretty sure he was told not to allow anyone to take photos with him cos he must have been running a tight schedule. Blessed me!

And he looks SOOOOO GOOD! This guy is a grandfather of a few already!  

Randomly taking photos in between the sessions.
(This time round, they hired alot of food trucks to feed the people!)

Selfies while queuing to enter the masterclasses.

 Mr Chan Peng queueing up while I sat down! (The privilege of being pregnant!)

Sneaking a bite in the audi before service starts!

Pastor Brian blessed every single one of the person in the audi (that is some 20,000+ people) with 1 book with 1 wish - that we bless someone else (who did not attend conference) with it. How amazing is this Pastor! And this is a retailing book!

From previous experience, I've learnt that it is better to cook every meal in advance and bring it to conference to avoid long lunch queues!

Our first stop upon arrival was actually Coles Supermarket so we could store up for the next few days and not get hungry! Major priority!

With these, daily breakfasts & lunches were settled for all the conference days!
(We will usually have dinner outside before returning to our service apartment)

Whipping up lunches to be frozen, 1 night prior to the start of conference!
(I chose to cook items that can be easily thawed, reheated and packed in a hot flask) 

Japanese Curry Sauce 
(In fact I cooked 2 kinds of curry, the regular one and the Japanese one)

Ham & Mushroom Carbonara Cream Sauce 

Cheers to a wonderful & memorable Hillsong 2015!