Thursday, 25 June 2015

And this beautiful baby journey continues...

"The seed will grow well, the vine will yield its fruit, the ground will produce its crops, and the heavens will drop their dew." 

Zechariah 8:12

We're a little beyond halfway there, its been an amazing journey so far and it's only gonna get better because every good gift is from the Father, and does not change like shifting shadows.

Praise God for His divine protection. Truly, Your promises are never-failing and Your gifts are irrevocable.

My precious little one, 

Every morning, I wake up with a smile across my face simply because you exist.

Your presence has changed my life in so many ways that I don't even know where to start.
I eat differently, walk differently, talk differently, and even think differently.

You probably don't comprehend your own existence, and how dear you are to mama and papa and you probably won't recall how you were at this stage because you are barely the size of a little pumpkin weighing a few hundred grams, but you are a little human with a strong heart that beats with such vigor and I can already picture what a beautiful baby you will be.

You have tiny fingers, arms, toes, legs and all the other organs that an adult possess. And they shall continue to develop, just as God has planned for them to be!

When you see these pictures, you will realize what energy and vibrancy you possess - Flipping over with every snap of the ultra sound "camera" like you wanted to greet me with your enthusiasm.

I have been waiting for what seems like a long, long time to feel your tiny movements and for your ears to be developed enough so that you could hear mama and papa call your name and sing you songs.

I thought I was being too over-sensitive at first when I felt a slight rumbling/fluttering sensation in my tummy and I couldn't make out if I was just hungry or otherwise... but when your little movements got stronger and more precise, I realized you are soooo very REAL...

It does sound silly to say this because YOU ARE REAL - You already are a human at this point, and from months ago! But this is exactly what makes me feel so magical about carrying you in my body and everyday, I thank God that you are so wonderfully made and developing in my womb.

How can there be a better explanation for a human to be making another human in her body, apart from the truth that God has created this reproduction cycle and plan? And yet, each and every single one of us are made so differently, so uniquely and so individually with our own set of personality and character, just like how no 2 thumbprints in the world are the same.

Mama and papa continues to pray for your healthy growth and development and we anticipate the day we finally get to embrace you in our arms and hold your tiny hands.

Hang in tight little one. And know that both mama and papa love you so much, even before we meet you.

Mama & Papa

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