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Anna Sui 2014 Spring II Collection - Base Makeup & Lip Colors!

Cute and girly yet with such sophistication and glamour! It brings out the little "princess" in every girl - or at least most girls!

This time, I am featuring the
Anna Sui 2014 Spring II Collection!

*All are Limited Edition!*

Top left to right:
Protective Loose Powder #001
Loose Compact Powder #300
Loose Compact Powder #301

Bottom left to right:
Limited Edition Lipstick in #01, 02, 03 respectively
Limited Edition Pore Smoothing Primer

Ain't the packaging of this collection vintage, with a touch of old-world glamour? This is definitely one of the selling points for Anns Sui's make-up!

Let's talk about the Pore Smoothing Primer 1st!

Look at the effect this pore-smoothing primer has!
And this is without any photo editing or change in lighting color whatever!
It has so effectively concealed my humongous pores and I am super impressed with it!

I know, at this point, I found the word "dimethicone" and whatever "xyz"-cone ingredient really annoying! Like applying such stuff on my face is gonna make my skin go into a coma!

And so, I went to research a little more on this dimethicone thing and here is what I found:

Fact #1
Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer and Vinyl Dimethicone/Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer are flexible silicon polymers consisting of dimethicone copolymers that are linked together.

Fact #2
Used in cosmetics & personal care products i.e. deodorants, makeup, skin & haircare.
Because they function as a viscosity increasing agent, dispersing agent, an emulsion stabilizer.

Fact #3
The scientific truth is - they are large molecules that are not soluable in water and its safety has been established by the CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) Expert Panel.

If you are still in doubt - please visit this source for the detailed report & links.

And if you are still, still in doubt about this "dimethicone" thing (like I was too!), please visit this other source, which I found alot of reliable information from!

Now, let's move on to the Loose Powder
& Compact Loose Powder!

I must first highlight how much I like the packaging of this Compact Loose Powder.

When translucent base makeup first came into the picture some years ago - I always wished I could just bring my loose powder out with me for touch ups instead of using a compact powder (as a compact powder almost-always! has pretty matt and heavy coverage, which was the opposite of what I wanted), yet the loose powder(s) are always so loose that they spill and are often too messy, too bulky and too inconvenient to bring along when I go out!

But lo & behold - THIS - is a Loose Powder in a COMPACT form - it is a genius design because it has this rubbery mesh that holds all the loose powder in its place. Even when you tilt the casing upside-down, it will NOT spill out.

All you need to do is to simply press your puff into the mesh and the right amount of powder will disperse unto the puff ready for quick touchups!

Just enough touchup powder to blot the shine, keep the translucency and prevent the makeup from getting too cakey ot matt.

What's cool is - they have SPF protection as well, so you can be assured of touching-up your SPF whilst you touchup your makeup!

Loose Compact Powder #300 has this baby pink tone to it. No glittering or shimmery or pearly powder particles in there - just a matt, finely dusted powder that is more translucent in color, enhancing the skin tone to look brighter and healthier. 


Loose Compact Powder #301 has this apricot pink, tone to it; like pastel coral? Contains s bit or coral peach shimmer and pearl powder particles in there - so it comes out really radiant and natural. Also enhances the skin tone to look brighter and healthier. 


Between the 2 - I thought I would have preferred the #300, the baby pink one since I have an oily T-zone and dont' need more "radiance". But having tried both - I really liked the effect of #301, the apricot pink one instead!

It seems to enhance my skin tone much better than the baby pink one and hence I have concluded 2 key points:

1. Always test the product on your face to see the effect because what you see in the casing ain't what you're getting on your face!
2. Always be open to options - don't simply assume that "pearl powder" is going to enhance oiliness. It may very well NOT be true!

I would suggest #300 for prople who tend to be fairer since it has this baby pink touch and can appear too ashy and pale for anyone darker.

Protective Loose Powder #001

Now, this Protective Loose Powder is very much like what its name suggests - it has SPF of 25 PA++, is light-weight, like a thin veil and has a silky application.
In summary, here is a close up of the 3 powders:
From left, Protective Loose Powder, Compact Loose Powder #300, Compact Loose Powder #301.
See the color difference now?

And lastly, let's look at the lips!

From the left - Limited Edition Lipstick in #01, 02, 03

All 3 colors are impressive & natural - seems like the coral-pinks are really "IN" this season.

#01 is more of a pinkish glossy finish; #02 is a mix of pink-coral with a glossy finish as well; #03 is more of a vivid coral tone

The lipsticks has high moisturising factors with the use of hydrating ingredients like the Rose Canina Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Oil & Olive Oil. Sounds yummy!


I can't put a finger to my most preferred one here cos they all seem to match different moods!
Enough said! For a real experience, head done to any of the Anna Sui counters located at Takashimaya or Isetan and try ti our personally!
Cheers & signing out!

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