Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hey! Go date your spouse and add some romance yo!

Who said marriage has to be mundane?!

Since you cannot change the man (literally NO DATING OTHER MEN) - then, change the way you date.

Tonight, we sat at our coffee table and decided we HAVE TO add some creativity into our life. And we started throwing out ideas on what to do in our free time - meaning date more!

Idea is to "draw a lot" every time we have spare time. And making a commitment to stick with it.
Even if we don't feel like it.

Sometimes, we get too tired with maintaining our home, cleaning up, paying bills, living day-to-day that whenever we find time, we just sleep, or hang out doing "our own stuff".

But. We forgot the essence of wanting to get married was to spend more quality time together.

So no matter how busy life is, everything else can wait when you choose to prioritize spending some of that precious time with your chosen one.

See how pretty these lots look?
Life is too precious to NOT spend it with the one you love. 

*Draw a lot and go date!*


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