Friday, 10 January 2014

DIY Hair Dye for CNY! (Liese Hair Dye Review)

I like going to salons to get my hair dyed, where all you do is sit there and relax. But there are just some days where I feel like DIY. Save some money and spend it on makeup!

So today, my review will be DIY hair dye - also very timely for CNY.

You see, I was walking around in Watsons (once again!) and thought this liese hair dye thingy looks pretty easy to manage. You don't even need to comb your hair through with the dye (as regular dyes, I always felt that combing step causes me a lot of hair loss, and with my recent hair loss encounter, no thanks!), all you need was to massage the product into her hair as you would while shampooing. Sounds easy enough. So that was it! Decided!

I choose the raspberry brown color cos I wanted something that's not too copper nor too light.

Simple instructions.

My hair has been dyed before to a light-brown tone, so I reckon the results to be either the 2nd or 3rd row. So long as you hair has not been dyed black before, this sorta DIY does work pretty well to change the tone of your hair.

Now, this is what I call hair tone uneveness.
Each time I return to the salon to dye the crown of my head, the color just doesn't match up well to the rest of the dyed color and after sometime when new hair grows out, there will be 2-3 uneven tones worn on my hair!

While the product comes with alot of relevant stuff to ensure your hair dye DIY is successful (inc hair conditioner to help repair your hair) 2 other essentials will be:

1. A shower cap- to wear while you wait for the dye to fully penetrate your hair and

2. Vaseline- where you will most definitely want to avoid having ANY dye accidentally dye parts of your face or neck etc. So you want to apply a thin layer of vaseline near the hair line (on your face please, not the hair, cos then the hair cant get dyed!), around your ears, and the back of your neck.

Also, do wear an old t-shirt that you can throw away after the dye cos that will stop you from worrying with the dye touched your shirt (which will certainly be the case especially when you have long hair!)

Start mixing up

Gently tilt bottle upside down and repeat 
(NO vigorous shaking, please. You don't want a mini explosion at home!)

Since the solution comes out in foam form, the mess was really minimised.

Application started from the top of my head, where I coat the foam in a shampoo motion. Brushing the fingers through the hair, right above my forehead, then outwards, with the right hand moving to the right & left hand moving to the left until I reach behind the ears covering the top half of the head by now.

Then from the bottom, back of the head, brushing through from left to right. 1 key point to minimise mess is to keep on working the hair as if you are going to tie it in a pony tail or a bun.

Easy & neat!
Cover with shower cap and go do other things for 30 mins. Then, rinse out, shampoo and condition.

Even after brushing my fingers through the dry hair to coat them all, the hair fall out was minimal!

This is the comparison. 
(After photo was taken 1 day after the day I dyed)

The color was significantly even and hair was darker than my previous tone which was the result I wanted.


Thumbs up! for this product. It was fuss-free, gentle on the scalp (I didn't feel any sort of stinging sensation), easy to administer from preparation to application, the solution comes out in foam form with makes it easy to handle, easy to wash out, no entangling of the hair, minimal hair fall out rate and even-colored results.

Definitely a good choice for hair dye DIY!

That said. have a good time experimenting and happy CNY!


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