Thursday, 23 January 2014

#cheokletquoted #3 Beauty is not a person. Beauty is a spirit.

Beauty is not a person; beauty is a spirit. 

True beauty is in your spirit. Your thoughts. Your heart. Your intentions.

Appearance matters; but it doesn't last.
It is a beautiful spirit that does.

I ain't saying that appearance doesn't matter because it does.
It's a fact.
 (You are judged based on ur appearance within the first say, 30 seconds of meeting someone?)

But appearance doesn't last.
It changes.
It is unreliable.

And when it does;
It's your thoughts, your heart and your intentions that will lift you up.
They will build strength in your spirit to and make you shine in any and every situation.

So, start guarding your thoughts, your heart and your intentions;
Because your appearance will soon follow suit.

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