Monday, 13 January 2014

#cheokletquoted #2 No choice is also a choice.


One of the greatest thing about being human is we have freewill. We decide to love, laugh, cry, hurt or hate. Circumstances may be bleak but u can choose to make the most out of it.

The phrase "Oh well.. There's no choice.." is not something uncommon. 
I sometimes catch myself saying that and start feeling lousy about a situation.

The thing is, the more you think "there's just no choice" the more you feel compelled to believe that there is no hope in whatever crisis you are facing and have to suck it up and accept the thrash thrown at you whether you like it or not.

That itself leaves you feeling defeated, lousy, helpless - whatever negative cognition you may come up with.

Yet, there is a twist to this entire cycle. 
What if you stopped thinking "there's no choice" and instead think the opposite that "there's a choice"?

The situation may remain, but the action you take when you decide to see the opposite will change from an act of defeat to an act of victory.

So whenever you think "there's no choice", think again. You may actually have one.  Or more than one.

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