Friday, 17 January 2014

Anna Sui Cheek Colors Collection & 2014 Spring I Launch

I am loving Anna Sui's range of makeup!

And so, this will be a write up showcasing the awesome range of cheek colors from Anna Sui that is too attractive to resist! Coupled with another showcase of what was recently launched for the Spring Collection. (Of course, I don't own all of it, I just loaned them for a self-organised photo-shoot)

Each of cheek color comes with 4 different shades of pigments that can be picked up with a single swipe. When applied to the skin, the colors comes out brilliantly - what you see is what you get!

From left, Cheek Color #100, 300, 301, 400, 500 & 600

The cheek colors comes in Anna Sui's signature vintage looking casing that's light-weight and flat. The only disadvantage being that it doesn't come with a self-contained cheek brush. -_-

In the following close-up shots, you will see Rose patterns carved unto the cheek colors - yet another signature symbol of Anna Sui products as the Rose is her favorite! And if you do put your nose close to the palette, you will experience a soft scent of roses - and that's because rose extract has been incorporated as part of the product to give off this soft fragrance.

While these are existing cheek colors which are ever-available at all Anna Sui counters, Anna Sui has also launched a Springtime Limited Edition in a slightly more pastel pink & coral palette, with the same vintage packaging.

From the left, in #302 -an iridescent dewy pink and #601 -an iridescent rose coral.  

This springtime concept revolves around a "glow from within" which is prominent in Anna Sui's SS Runway Fashion. Models coupled with dewy & "barely-there" translucent base and a touch of blush that's so subtle, one would think it was a natural blush. 

From  the left, swatched with just 1 finger-stroke:
#100, 300, 301, 400, 500, 600, 302 & 601

Like mentioned, the pigments are brilliant therefore, what you see from the palette is exactly what you'd get. 

Right below is the blended out version of each color.

#100 is dual functional, as a highlighter for the T-zone as well as a base color for the cheeks where it changes the overlaying cheek color to make it brighter & more brilliant. This works well with over-laying blushers from any brand, not just Anna Sui colors. 
Point to note may be the fact that it has alot of silver, purples and blues in there, so while it works well to counter any form of yellow overcast skin tones, application should be done with care. You don't want to end up looking too ashy while over-doing it!

#300 is a rose pink that's ultra-feminine, though slightly skewed to being a little on the cooler end.

#301 is a coral pink that contains some orange pigments to give off a unique blend of warmth while still looking sweet pink!

#400 is a signature Anna-red hue that is rich, classic and edgy - so it really brings out character and confidence!

#500 is a mix of deep burgundy with beige & brown, somewhat a bronzer, that can be used with all other cheek colors to add depth and intensity.

#600 is this illuminating sun-kissed coral, with more corals than pink - emitting the radiance of a juicy radiance, fresh from the beach! 

#302 is a limited edition dewy rose pink that contains a sparkling touch of iridescence that's ultra-light, soft yet slightly cool. I personally find it multi-functional - as a blush on its own, as a cheek highlight or as a base for brightening up regular cheek colors to sculpt the cheeks giving it a hi-cheek-bone appearance.

#601, also a limited edition rose coral that has a luminous finishing, like a warm reflection of sunshine that can be used like in multiple ways, like mentioned for #302.    

Moving right along, from the bottom-up, these limited edition lip crayons are great for pairing with the cheek colors. #302, 303 & 702.

The lip crayons are in a semi-matt finishing which are great as a lip color on its own, lip base to enhance lip color adherence, used as a lip liner, or used to alter the colors of of lipsticks providing gradients and ombre effects.

#302 is nude pink that contains silver pearls.
#303 a rose pink, also containing silver pearls- but a close-to-natural lip color.
#702 a beige tone with a tinge of coral, completely matt.

That pretty much sums up my Anna Sui madness for now. :)


Stay sane, keep calm and rock on!


  1. aaah I was going to buy anna sui lip crayons ytd but I canceled. I decided to bought the lipstick but looking at your swatches tempted me to buy the crayon as well!

    1. Hello Kim! :) ah haha... These are the Limited Edition launches for 2014, so i ain't sure if they are still selling. But Anna Sui has a nice range of lip crayons of which my current favourite that I wear every day is #301, a bright, hot pink! Yuo can try it. Extremely easy to create a petal-lip effect with that. :)


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