Thursday, 7 November 2013

Olay Professional Pro X Advance Cleansing System Review

I have heard a lot about a particular cleansing tool called the Clarasonic Mia. And being a bargain-hunter, I can't bear to spend the money buying a cleansing tool that cost more than $150.

Must we really use a tool that's like a electronic-toothbrush to clean our face?! Then how have we been surviving for the past few years!

I would be confident that I wouldn't need a gadget like this one 2 years back. But with my recent hype experimenting with make-up where I sometimes use make-up brushes to buff the foundation over my skin so it covers the pores and gives a smooth finishing, I have to think twice about how to truly cleanse my skin.

Logically if you "buff" foundation into your face, it means you need to "buff" it out as well - so it makes complete sense to use that electronic-toothbrush look-alike cleansing tool. Except for the price!

And while randomly scanning Qoo10, I found this treasure. It seems to function just as well as the Clarasonic one, and it cost 1/3 the price. (Less than $50)  It doesn't seem to be the latest gadget in the market. I am just slow in finding it. But so what? I found it anyway.

Product Description

My Comments

- Cleanse your skin 6x better to maximize your post-cleansing skincare absorption >> Absolutely agree with the logic of maximizing the absorption capability, just not too sure about the "6x" part

- Has 2-speed, rotating system >> A good choice to allow people who are more sensitive to choose the softer, gentler "touch". In the word "rotating" it means, the brush just goes in 1 circular direction. Which is fine. All I want for it to do is to "buff" the make-up off!

In fact, I read a few other reviews about the Clarasonic one which mentioned about it's oscillating system, where the brush moves first in clockwise, then in anti-clockwise (back and forth movement, think oscillating fan) I guess that's one of the key differences.It did seem like this back and forth swing will do a better job in cleansing cause the movement seem more gentle as compared to a 1-direction only "buffing" motion.

- Water resistant >> Not water proof?

- Replaceable brush head>> Good for hygiene purpose!

Use a gel cleanser (or any cleanser that will create foam) alongside this tool. Otherwise, if the cleanser doesn't lather up, you will be working with nothing cushioning between this brush and your skin (which means friction - who wants that?)

I have seen some examples of this being used with an oil cleanser to remove make-up, and I disagree with it because 1. oil does not lather up, so, I find it too harsh on the skin and 2. not removing the make-up prior to this as a last step means, you could possibly be buffing the make-up in, no?

So remove your make-up first, then apply the cleanser to your face and work it up a bit, then dampen the brush head and let it run through your face from side of nose outwards and upwards towards the temple of your head. Whatever you do, just make sure you "treat" your skin in a lifting motion for firming effect. You don't want to aid the force of gravity and pull your skin down.

Don't over use it, just 60s (about there to run it through your whole face) and rinse with water - and that's it.

My Verdict

Having used it for 3 months now (alongside my current favourite, philosophy gel cleanser), I must say it is worth the buy. In fact, I have already ordered more as Christmas gifts!

1. The brush is really soft and gentle on the face. (easily purchased from Watsons or Guardian)

2. It's so compact, light and easy to handle. Just 2 buttons to choose from, on/off, adjust speed. done.

3. It's battery operated. I don't need to be bothered about how to charge it and think about bringing it on holidays. (Like I don't already have enough of chargers? No thanks, but I don't collect chargers)

4. It's water-resistant and that's good enough because I didn't encounter any problem while washing the brush head under the running water, or using it with my wet hands. (Waterproof is good, but who is really gonna bring this underwater and operate it while being submerged under water?)

5. I am not so sure if the rotating system can be compared to the oscillating one, but one thing I am sure is that my skin feels and looks clean. The pores did NOT expand or anything like that (cos that was in fact one of my concern, that all that "buffing" action will expand my pores!) And I do feel my skin being less dull (possibly cause of the "manual exfoliation" movement).

Well, in conclusion, I am one happy and satisfied customer.


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