Monday, 14 October 2013

The Battle between Hair Loss Shampoos! Klorane VS Natur Vital

Ever since my trial with the Furterer Hair Loss Treatment program , I have been really careful with the kind of shampoo I use because I don't ever! wanna see my hair choking the drainage again!

I have been alternating between both of these Hair Loss Shampoo (i.e. using Natur Vital only after Klorane has finished and vice versa).

I can't recall the price, but they are about $20ish per bottle (Klorane often has bundle prices of $29.90 for 2 bottles at Guardian/watsons)

Left to right: 
Klorane Hair Loss Conditioner, Klorane Hair Loss Shampoo, Natur Vital Hair Loss Shampoo for women, Natur Vital Hair Loss Tonic Treatment.

Let's talk about KLORANE. 

As mentioned in the previous entry, Klorane was a recommendation from the sales staff who was serving me when I made my purchase of the Furterer Treatment Program. She mentioned it being made of plant extracts hence, using it with the Furterer Program was fine (since it was cheaper than using the Furterer Shampoo, THAT Furterer Shampoo was bad - it tangled my hair up in the shower! Hate it!)

Klorane Shampoo was in dark brown in color and it was a very watery consistency. A lot more fluid than the regular hair shampoo, but of course not so watery like...  water? 

The scent was a refreshing herb scent, nothing overwhelming or repulsive.

It doesn't really, lather up or rather, it takes ALOT to lather up. 

After applying the first round to my hair, it seems to just dissolve without lather, and by then I am not even done with working it through all my hair. (Not that I have a lot!)

I would have to pour a second round of shampoo into the palms of my hands while shampooing, just to add to the first round to lather it up. But. At least this doesn't entangle my hair like Furterer does!

One of the ways I noticed was to rub it in your palms, introducing some air to it, then, rub it unto the top of your head before spreading it all over the scalp and hair.

Although it doesn't tangle my hair up, due to the lack of lather, I can't work it too thoroughly through my scalp and hair. Rinsing the shampoo out with water was a tough because there seems to be no "emollient coating" (I don't know what better way to explain that!). I can literally feel the friction between my fingers and the strands of hair when I wash the the shampoo out with water - it feels "squeaky clean", I can't be sure if "clean" was the right word to use, seriously.  


So after part rinsing out the shampoo with water, I applied the "matching" Klorane hair conditioner in the hope of softening the hair and removing the "squeaky" feeling so I can have a better, thorough rinse.

Lo & behold! While the application of the conditioner was smooth, the rinsing was like crap!

One would have thought a conditioner gives such a smooth and silky coating to each strand of hair that rinsing it off was easy - but sorry, wrong number! Not for this Klorane Conditioner.

The "squeaky" effect resurfaced and you feel like your are rubbing rubber. (That's how much friction and non-smooth it was!)

This - made my hair fall! After 2 uses - I thrashed it. It was almost a full tube left, mind you. But I rather waste the product than waste my hair!

My Verdict for Klorane Shampoo

Despite it being tough to administer, I do find it rather effective because I don't spot alot of hair loss while using this shampoo. (So long as I don't use its conditioner!) And that was my whole objective MINIMISE hair loss.

The not-so-fabulous experience about it:
Takes too long to lather up, exhausting way too much product in 1 use. Tough time rinsing it out because it is soooo "squeaky".

Well, I did improvise the method to using it by pairing it up with a non-plant base conditioner (in the likes of Sunsilk Hair Fall Control Conditioner). And problem with rinsing out the shampoo without that "squeakiness"" was solved.

Let's get started with Natur Vital. 

Natur Vital was a random buy because I spotted a "mohawk" TV commercial which was so hilarious that I remembered the brand - random, I know.

I must say I absolutely enjoyed using this shampoo! Much better than my experience with Klorane.

It is white, silverish in color and the consistency was like that of a regular shampoo. Thicker than Klorane, definitely. 

The scent was refreshing but not so much like a scent of herbs, nor fruits, perhaps a little floral? Nothing overwhelming or repulsive.

It was much easier to work up a lather with this. 50cent coin x 2 is enough.
Also, it doesn't tangle my hair up, while lathering/rinsing it out. There's a slight "emollient coating" (you'd get my point b now). Minimal friction felt between my fingers and the strands of hair when I wash the the shampoo out with water. 

 I am not sure if they sold a conditioner alongside this. I just paired this up with the regular Sunsilk conditioner that I always use and it was fine.

Overall, a better choice than Klorane, though I do continue alternating this with Klorane just for the sake of switching between shampoos so as not to develop any form of product over reliance.

After shampooing and towel-drying, I also tried this Natur Vital Hair Loss Tonic as a form of maintenance.


It comes in a 60ml bottle with a pointed tip - where you are supposed to administer the solution into the scalp and massage it in. 

I can't quite understand why such products are often sold with a pointed tip instead of a spray head, because the spray head is so much easier when it comes to application. 

With the pointed tip, you need to exercise control in tilting the bottle such that you pour just the right amount, not too little and not too much. But that's the difficult part about it. 

With the spray, the solution dispersed is always going to be consistent and so controllable. Just part hair and spray in different sections and rub it in.

That's why I had to include the 10ml spray bottle (bought separately) in the photo-shoot to emphasize the efficiency of a spray head!

This was a watery texture that had a similar scent to that of the shampoo. Nice; floral.

My Verdict for Natur Vital Shampoo & Hair Loss Tonic

I cant count how much new hair I have grown (who can?!), but I have definitely seen improvements when I wash my hair - lesser hair fall outs.

Overall,  am satisfied with this product - except for 2 ingredients here that I will need to research a little more on: Alcohol Denat (known to be not-good for skincare products) and Retinol (Vit A), Vit A is known as a miracle worker for the skin, but what about pregnant users? Still safe for use?

Yup. This sums up my review on the the 2 Hair Loss Shampoo that I am currently using.