Saturday, 7 September 2013

Faceshop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream and the Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot Essence Review

Moving on, let's go into Faceshop!

For this recent Seoul trip, every time I head pass Faceshop, this CHIA SEED thing just just shoots straight in my face and I it was hard to NOT take a 2nd look. Ultimately, I was convinced and bought both the Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream and the Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot Essence and there's no looking back!

Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream


What really caught my eye was the fact that this is and oil-free, water-base moisturizer that is formulated with Chia Seed which is known to contain moisture 10 times their own weight.

Given that I have combination skin which "shines" within 2 hours of make-up application, all I want is a balance in sebum and water, and a light-weight skin care prior to my make-up.  

When I tested this on my hand, I was sold. Although its description was "cream" this really felt more like a gel and it was quick to be absorbed into the skin.

It comes in a plastic packaging with another plastic seal under the cap (so you need to plug it out in order to scoop the contents). It feels hygienic and air-tight. There is also a plastic applicator that came with it, so you can use it to extract the contents (rather than using your bare hands!)


I like using this Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream as a day cream because it is light-weight, easily spreadable and after a few pats, it gets absorbed into the skin to give a plump finish. There is no "greasy" after-effect. And because it is light-weight, I do not use this as a night cream.

Whilst this product does deliver its hydration into the skin as promised, it doesn't stop my T-zone from that getting shiny 2 hours after make-up application. By the 2nd half of the day, my skin is back to it's usual part-oily/part-dry-combi state. And I don't blame the cream for that - cause I know the problem lies in my bipolar skin type!

Overall this is one of the creams that I like simply because of its hydration, texture & non-greasy feel.

Now moving on to the
 Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot Essence!


(again, solely my own, so believe at your own risk)

When I made this purchase, it was really because I was on the look-out for a light-weight, water-based eye serum to apply to my eyes as a base before I applied a "richer" eye cream.

You see, the skin around our eyes is very tender and delicate. If we were to apply a super-rich cream (e.g. anti-aging cream meant for wrinkle-care (of which we have no wrinkles yet), as a preventive measure), perhaps not-knowing that that cream may be too rich for us, it may not fully get absorbed into the skin, instead clogs the pore, forming oil seeds better known as milia seeds. (This is my conclusion from various online sources and via experience)

Hence, to counter that, one may applying a light eye serum first to ensure the skin absorbs enough moisture before applying the 2nd layer of rich eye cream, hence, preventing it from clogging the pores (should it be too rich for that skin to absorb).

Well back to the topic - upon testing, I really liked it's watery texture as per stated in it's name "watery". I don't actually believe it'll do anything else except for the hydration part.

Similar to that of the Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream, I like it because of it's ultra light-weight, texture that is easily spreadable and quick to be absorbed after lightly tapping it into the skin. The skin around the eyes felt instantly hydrated and I liked using it as a base to my other eye creams but that's about it.

I didn't think it helped in lightening any spots or "remove eye circles" as claimed in the product description. (Please just rest well, sleep more and drink losta water - dark circles are not about products, but about lifestyle, yo!)

Overall, I enjoyed (and will still continue to enjoy) this Chia Seed series. It is a reliable hydration range which is affordable enough for one to consider.

Let me know what you think if you have tried this!