Thursday, 22 August 2013

Presenting the Ultimate Black Liquid Eyeliner Challenge!

  (This is an overdue post, but it's better late than never...)

Some of my favorite things include make-up; and of make-up, the black liquid eyeliner is my favorite. 

An eyeliner can make alot of difference in the way you look and so, out of the blue, i decided to do a little experiment, to find "The Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner!"

In the following images you will come to realise that my eyes aren't the best eyes to deal with when to comes to applying eyeliners because, even though i have double eyelids, the lids are hidden lids, hence, when my eyes are open, my lids usually overlaps the area where the eyeliner is being applied. 

This makes finding the right eyeliner crucial for me cos the wrong one just "dirties" my entire eyelid as soon as i blink.

My usual choice of eyeliners are those from Faceshop and Etude House and i have been using these 2 brands for a long time as they gave me what i needed; but with the recent introduction of more and more brands, i was pretty tempted to deviate from my usual choice and try a new brand. 

I don't have the ability to buy every black eyeliner i come across, so i simply went to various make-up counters and sampled them on the back of my hand.

Here are the few selections:

Testing begins:

 Spray water and rub

 Now in order to verify that this is the most lasting formula (unbiasedly), i did a run test as well!

Yes, another of my favorite thing is to go for long runs, and usually, i don't wear make-up for such activities, but for the sake of testing the eyeliner, i removed all other make-up from my face leaving only the Etude house liner (and i didn't even touch up the liner which was applied early in the morning). 

So now, after the 8km run, which lasted 57 mins (this is sucha a poor timing!)...

I was really excited to see if the eyeliner smudged, and so i took a self-taken photo of myself under the florescent lighting of HDB void decks.
This is the result of the eyeliner - did it smudge?

It really stayed in tact and DID NOT smudge!

Under the yellow lights at home, this shot is to show that my lids are hidden lids that overlaps the eyeliner area.

And I am proud to say, there was indeed NO SMUDGE (not even below the eyes)! 


Indeed this is "The Ultimate Black Eyeliner!

This is my choice Black Liquid Eyeliner! 

The Etude House Oh My Eye Line!

 I hope this serves as a helpful post to all those out there who are seeking for good liners. Give this a try!

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