Saturday, 8 June 2013

Welcome to BoA Guesthouse!

Chiang! I absolutely love the location of BoA Guesthouse. The moment i checked out its location on the map, I was sold!

It was merely 1 lane away from my previous "house" and I was coming back to rekindle my memories, so it was completely in-sync.

The prices were affordable - say 50 bucks for single room and 70 bucks for double room (both WITH built-in toilet & shower facilities).. After a long search, i must say this is one of the most reasonable and convenient guesthouse. The rest were either a shared bathroom or just a bed within a shared room etc.

Here are some shots of my single room.

Check out their website here:

One of the most important places (to me) in a guesthouse/hotel is the toilet and this one is very clean. The space may be a little cramp, but its enough for taking a shower and there's also a window in there to ventilate the air. 

At the top roof top, you'd find a laundrette. 
A washer, dryer, steam iron, flat iron whatever you need to get your clothes fresh.

And you have a rooftop garden with a cute swing - of course, the current weather is too intense for that, but this is a nice spot for evening dinners, BBQ get together s etc.

Over here is the lobby to the guesthouse. Small but equipped with all the essential information and maps for tourist. And I like it that the security is tight cause you can only access the lobby when you have a room card. Basically, the door is locked at all times (as with the format of apartments in Seoul). So only residents can access the building.

And there you have it, a kitchen cum canteen for all your dining requirements! They provide eggs, bread, jam, cereal, milk, coffee and tea every morning, so you can have a eat-all-you-can breakfast. haha. Just make sure you wash up after that! 

And when I say dining requirements, I also meant the "equipments" they have. Coffee maker, toasterS (with a capital S cos it means you don't need to queue for too long just to toast bread!), mixer, pans, pots, sauces, toaster over, microwave, hot/cold water dispenser - you name it.

And the have pin-ups all over the wall to give you information on staying in Seoul, where to go, what to eat - of which many are interactive as well - you get to comment which is your preferred choice etc. 
Super good start to the trip by checking in here!

Well, I'd leave you with this and hopefully, I'd write soon!

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