Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hongdae Trick Eye Museum

Hongdae Subway Station, Line 2, Exit 9

I arranged to meet my Japanese 언니 (sister) in Hongdae since I am staying here and the first itinerary was a visit to the Hongdae Trick Eye Musuem. (I know there is one in Jeju too, this one is probably a smaller version. Nevertheless the idea is similar, so well, till I go to Jeju again, this will suffice my cravings for taking funny pictures!)

Here is the direction to the museum..
Upon crossing the road, you will see 2 lanes that you could turn into - just choose the right one (the lane between Tony Moly& Holika) and walk straight. You should spot the Trick Museum in less than 100m

Here are some shots to remember this day. Photo SPAM starts NOW!

 If only the money was real!

 If only i could look this long in person!

If you are in Hongdae and would like to take funny pictures (like me), this is a good place to visit! Cheers!

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