Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cafe Mamas @ National Assembly Suway Station Area

I am truly grateful to find friends like them.This is 얘님 a friend i made when she was staying in Singapore.

Today, she brought me to this super cool brunch place known as Cafe Mamas. She said this is the "in" place for breakfast, brunch and tea for locals. It served more of the American style breakfast like salads, waffles, sandwiches and all that.


Directions to this place (i believe there are more than 1 outlet, but for the record...)

National Assembly Station, Line 9, Exit 1. Upon exit, walk straight and follow the road until you come to a right-hand turning with a GS25 Convenince Store (it should be the first right-hand turn). Cafe Mamas is just next to it.

So this is the view from the inside.

If you look at the menu, the food is really pretty affordable and the servings are huge!

We had  main dishes, Ricotta Cheese Salad, Club Sandwich & Honey Camembert Cheese Panini & Ultra pure Grape Juice, freshly squeezed and blended on the spot!

In Seoul, they don't charge extra for wet napkins and water. (Most Korean eating places even serve coffee, those machine operated kind. It's kinda cool)

 Super tasty Ricotta Cheese Salad

Pure Ice Blended Grape Juice! Ultra smooth, ultra refreshing!

Honey Camembert Cheese Panini

Club Sandwich

The ambience was good, ,the food was tasty, but of them all, the company was the best!

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