Friday, 14 June 2013

Another Budget Shopping Place - Express Bus Terminal

I must have forgotten to mention about this place since I am always packed with places to visit and when I get back my priority is just to sleep! argh!

This probably isn't much of a news as I am sure every bargain-hunter would have done their research and find out where's the best place to shop at the lowest prices and this - is one of them.

No complicated directions, it's just the entire basement of the Express Bus Terminal, Line 3. How easy is that!

In fact, they sell alot more than just fashion items, they have all sorts of stuff - paintings, home decor etc -

And here are some random snap shots of the place so you may gauge if it's worth the trip down :) 

 See what I mean when I say they have alot of other stuff apart from fashion stuff?

But of course, majority sells these! Clothes!

The place is extremely big - its a huge area to shop and you can possibly spend up to 3 hours EASILY, so do budget your time well in order to have the luxury of time for scan through all these shops!

This thing! Is simply too "interesting" to not take a picture of! 
It's a washable panty-liner and sanitary pads.

I felt so conscious trying to sneak a picture of this store! But you could see from here, they have "pads" of all sizes to suit your flow. I just don't know how one is gonna wash these and re-wear them again and again.

I shall end here since these pictures speak for themselves. 


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