Tuesday, 11 June 2013

2013 back in Gyeongbukgong and Samcheongdong once again!

 We have a lot on our itinerary today! Palace - Samcheongdong-Gil - Sanmotoonge -  Myeongdong!

Once again, after 2 years, I am back at the biggest palace in Seoul, this time with Pam and in summer.

 My introduction and directions to the place has already been clearly written in the previous post (here) on Gyeongbokgung, hence, this post will just be the snap shots of some of the vicinity that I previously missed.

Like the residences and headquarters.


This is my favourite shot! 

Clearly, the atmosphere in winter and summer is very different and each one with their own beauty!


So after exploring Gyeongbokgung, I decided to bring Pam for a walk in Samcheongdon-gil, this time I am starting the walk from Gyeongbokgung instead of Anguk station (read more about Samcheongdong here) - it really challenges my memory! 

(At the same time feels like I am walking down memory lane..just less nostalgic cause of the blazing hot sun! Too sunny to feel cold and melancholic)

So upon heading out of the the palace, we made a left turn and walked along side the place wall on the left.

 Pretty much looked like we were walking to no where in the hot sun! 
But. Press on.

We are walking on the left side of the road, but it is also fine to cross over to the right side cause we will need to ultimately turn unto an ally on the right to get to the intersections and cross roads of the Bukchon Traditional Houses & those little shops which I want to visit. 
According to the Information Personnel, one of the easiest ways to identify which is the right ally to make a right turn to is the Samcheong Police Station. And that was exactly what we did! (I know, using the Police Station as a landmark is really weird)

 So anyways, along the way, while walking by the main road, there are also these pretty cafes and dining places. So nice for a lunch date actually!

And I am pretty sure nobody is going to go alfresco in this temperature.

The Yellow cottage which I so missed! hahah

Whilst some of the cafes and shops seemed familiar, many others seem to have changed. This summer time visit is a new experience as compared to the previous Autumn-Winter time. The sun made everything more warm and lively, though there's a tinge of nostalgia walking past these homely cafes.


I don't remember this shop at all.. but well the fashion sense is like before, where they used to sell more indie (like vintage/retro?) and artistic styles.

The morning ended with our lunch @ some random dining place, having Bulbogi. Yumz!

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