Wednesday, 23 March 2011


It is EXACTLY 1-month since i returned from Korea on 24 Feb...

What have I been doing?

Sleeping late,

cleaning up after my dog (yes, the shit and all),

doing random housework (and hey, i cooked a number of times, though all the dishes, regardless of it being tofu, meat or veg, all tastes the same since i use the same seasonings! hahaha)

meeting friends every other day,

thinking- alot, especially trying to figure out what i really want to do with my life from now on...

going on employment portals to seek for jobs,

and the thing i spend the most time on so far is to - DREAM...

Hmmm... It's been a while since i have been feeling so dreamy, before Korea, i have been working non-stop for (OMG) 7 years, since 2003... then i made a "lightning" move and decided to go learn Korean... like barely 2 months before the commencement of the course and dropped everything, including my job. (Where to find that sort of impulse?)

Whilst in Korea, i seriously studied quite hard + spent all the remaining time touring everywhere and falling sick.

Everyday was sardined-packed. So now that i m back... I sort of feel out of place having absolutely no schedule and routine to report to... I thought i might feel uneasy about not being in a job, but to my own surprise, i dont really feel the way i thought i would feel. I do value time and money-earning, and even though i am about to deplete the last drop of savings i have, i still think it is worth to invest this kind of "free" time "dreaming".

What is is definition of "dream"?

- a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

- a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream; reverie. - an aspiration; goal;

- a wild or vain fancy.

- something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence.

To think about what my dream is... Did i put in any effort to achieve them... Did i actually set out to reach my dream, or did i not... Do i even have a dream in the first place?

Everyone goes through life like a "this-should-be-the-way-you-live" routine. There is always "the right way" to live though people always preach about "there is no right and wrong"... bullshit.

So, because of that routine people forget about dreaming. Here are the few types of dreamers i know of:

1 who dreams and does something about it;

1 who dreams and does NOTHING about it;

1 who gets too busy living life the "right-way" and forget to dream;

1 who dreams only because others do and they dream of the same things as the "others"

What about you? Do you dare dream?

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