Saturday, 5 February 2011

Visiting Seoul Forest

Ttukseom Subway Station, Line 2, Exit 8

I am back in action again after being down for the entire month of January! And this month - it's my goal to comb wherever possible areas in Seoul before my departure this month end!

It seems too soon to be true - how can I leave just as the flowers begin to bloom in Spring? (Torn between wanting to meet my family ASAP and wanting to spend more incredible moments here...)

So, being a nature-lover, we agreed to head to Seoul Forest.

"Just as London has Hyde Park, Seoul has Seoul Forest. On the wide range of land which can embrace 15 football fields, there are 5 theme parks with 420,000 trees and various wild animals" 

Quoted from Seoul's Best 100

(At least London calls it "Hyde Park" and not "London Park".. aw...)

It was a Thursday when we went to Seoul Forest - and it was empty. Almost.

Possibly because it was too cold to be hanging out "in the open"?

Look at my huge earmuffs?

Absolute serenity at this melancholic-looking empty lane with withered trees.

I would love to take a seat at one of those benches and just read all day. But it is just.too.cold!

Enough of the depressing introduction. All the 420,000 tress have withered! 
I am going to be back in Autumn!

Since it was soooo empty, what better thing to do than taking fun shots!

In fact this compilation of photos is one of my favourite because it's so candid. Not like the usual *victory* hand sign shots where we just position ourselves in front of the camera and say "twist"!

Absolutely looking like a photo-bomber!

 I don't need to go to a trick-eye museum to do crazy things! Sorry Mr Tortoise.

And if you are wondering, these shots were all self-taken - we conveniently positioned the camera in a timer-mode and the effects were good!

Hardly ANY NGs here.

See what I mean by being accustomed to the glorious *victory* sign whenever you are taking a normal photo?

There you go again - *victoriously*!

Bird's eye shot from the top of the playground!

 My boyfriend is a block-head. Literally.


Seeing this bicycle shop makes me feel like this place isn't so deserted after all. There must be peak periods where families hang out and have fun! Just not in winter.

Going to Seoul Forest was indeed therapeutic for me, especially after having been cooped at home for the longest time!

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