Friday, 25 February 2011

Lotte World - one final visit before I left!

Jamsil Station, Subway Line 2, Exit 4, connected directly via shopping mall.

Awesome picture right? (Taken by a pro, Ben. Not me... )

Lotte World is an amusement park right in the heart of Seoul. Beautiful, fun & happy! No wonder it's ALWAYS crowded. School holidays. Or not.

We went to Lotte World 3 days prior to my departure. I selected Lotte World as the place I'd bid a few classmates and friends farewell because it was such a joyful place and I wanted to leave with a joyful memory!

Being the person who is crazy about thrill rides, I have been to Lotte World umpteen times during my Seoul stay. I just never took great photos of this amusement park because:

1. I am not pro.
2. I am too busy running all over the place (getting myself amused!) whenever I am in amusement parks. 
3. I .... ran out of excuses.

This is also the shooting location for one of the most melo-Korean Drama - Stairway to Heaven. (If you haven't watched/heard of this drama - you might be too young then!)

This is what I mean by a proper photo! 
 Taken again, by the pro-cameraman, Ben. I can never take such nice shots!

This is the water feature near at the basement (I think!) of the shopping mall which is connected to Lotte World.

There are a few (were there 2 or 3?) entrances to Lotte World, one indoor, another outdoor.

So, there are different rates applicable for adults, students and kids. The later you go, the cheaper it gets:

(Taken from source)

Admission Fees

Admission Ticket
Adults: 25,000 won / Youths: 22,000 won / Children: 19,000 won

Nighttime Admission Ticket
Admission after 16:00:
Adults: 21,000 won / Youths: 18,000 won / Children: 15,000 won

Admission after 19:00:
Adults: 14,500 won / Youths: 12,500 won / Children: 10,500 won

* Day-Pass Ticket (admission fees included)
Adults: 40,000 won / Youths: 35,000 won / Children: 31,000 won

* Nighttime Day-Pass Ticket (admission after 16:00)
Adults: 31,000 won / Youths: 27,000 won / Children: 23,000 won

* Children: ages 4-12 / Youths: ages 13-18

They have an indoor arena and a outdoor one. Both equally appealing.

As if amusement rides ain't sufficient, they also have an indoor skating rink which was made famous by the drama!

Check out the sizzling kiss!

The real thing.
Not so romantic?

Because we don't have rich boyfriends who own the place, nor book out the entire skating rink (nor the entire Lotte World!) for us just so we can have a single moment of private kiss! There is always a reason why "dramas" remain "dramas"!
What I really like about the indoor part is that, even though it is indoor, they have glass roof ceilings that are so high and majestic-looking which allows the sunlight to light up the entire indoor arena. 

You get the benefits of feeling the sunshine of the outdoors, while being protected from the rain or cold weather.

And yes, they have indoor roller-coasters etc. Your only worry would be the time you need to queue for it!

My photos obviously look pale in comparison.

But you get the point that the indoor arena is H.U.G.E. and colorful!

You must. MUST. take the carousel just because.

 Now to the outdoors - even more magnificent! (Apart from the crowd!)

This is a candid shot of one of the staff who welcomed us to the mini-train ride. So cute!

The ultra-scary - "tiao-loh" thrill ride. 
Wanna know what it feels like to jump a building without taking a bungee-jump?

There is awesome scenery in the outdoor arena as well!

Feels like Alice in Wonderland!

Somehow, this shot seems to suggest a ghostly tower! haha

Farewell my beloved friends!
(But look at the q behind! Pretty scary to queue like that for a 1-min ride.)

Farewell 언니.

I wanted to celebrate the end of my adventure in Seoul in this happy place, but when it came to the end of the day, I was almost tearing. I missed my real home dearly, but I just felt a range of emotions rising inside, knowing I was going to miss the friends, the freedom, the lifestyle and Seoul itself.

6 months is not a long time, but, it is still precious time. These are what memories are made of. Precious time you took to spend with precious people, experiencing precious life.

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