Saturday, 26 February 2011

Goodbye Seoul

24th February marks the last day of my Seoul Adventure.

I left Seoul with heavy baggages, but with a light heart. I knew i had tried my best to study and though my Korean proficiency is mediocre, this whole experience was truly one of a million.

I toured places alone, made friends from all over the world, survived my first ever winter for the first time and was away from home for the first time too...

Yes, i hated the fact that winter was sooo unbearably cold and that i had to wear layers after layers of clothes and still felt cold - ironically, when i was leaving, there was this warm feeling...  Like this was 2nd home, and i felt slightly sad to depart.

Having said, I still looked forward to being reunited with my beloved family. A feeling is hard to describe...

Seoul, bye bye - i'd definitely be BACK!

FLOWERS!! My welcome bouquet from cp...

My complexion really sucks. Can tell that my body can't take the cold weather well eh?

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