Sunday, 26 December 2010

What did I do on Christmas Eve?


You see, Christmas in Seoul is not like in Singapore. Over here, Christmas is like a national DATING HOLIDAY. Everyone hangs out as a couple. It's not easy for a lonely soul when it comes to Christmas cause all your attached friends are DEFINITELY gonna be with their better-half. So what can I do when my better-half is in Singapore?

Now what did I do over Christmas?!

- Wrote AND MADE a birthday card to my better-half (which would reach him a little late for his birthday!)
- Celebrated with my entire class by buying them a Christmasy cake!
- Went out clubbing with a bunch of International friends from Namu Guesthouse!

(Background: Namu Guesthouse was where Rose stay over when she came, and somehow, I made friends with the guesthouse staff and boo! That's how I so-happen to have International friends to chill with on the eve of Christmas!) 
 Childish-looking hand made card! *Erh...*

HEY! It's a pop-up card ok!
(Like he can read Korean? LOL)

Cutie-Christmasy cake which I blessed the class with! YUMZZ!

Do you know that cakes in Seoul are so cheap (as compared to SG)
This one is 1 or 1.5kg and prolly cost 25,000 won.

At least, everyone was a little more restraint. After all, we were suppose to be having lessons in class!

But all forms of restraints do return with a vengeance. You know right? 
(just forget about poise and dig in!)

Look at the scene in Hongdae station.. Now why did I decide to club!

This is why I love Hongdae! Everyone is just spontaneous and alive! People just set up a camp fire, cuddle around and get warm!

There you have it, me trying to pose next to BIG BANG!

I did a super foolish thing here because I didn't know how "big" BIG BANG was and I actually sneaked to another club JUST BEFORE their performance started cause I felt that it was too packed! *duh*

Totally missed all the action!

My International friends and I. German, fellow Singaporean & one more from Netherland!

Having Spicy Chicken at 4am in the morning along with Soju and Makgoli was nice!

Cheers to a Merry Christmas!
The night ended with all having a sleep-over at one of the Hongdae Jjimjilbangs!

*And this was what I did on the eve of Christmas!*

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