Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The REAL Dongdaemun Wholesale Centre

So this evening Rose was on for a mid night shopping encounter at Dongdaemun, and though I was reluctant because I really AM ON A BUDGET, plus its super cold at night these days -  I gladly obliged because if not with her right now, then when will I go to the real Dongdaemun wholesale centre?

The common buildings associated with Dongdaemun are usually Hello aPM, Migliore and Doota, but did you know those are not really the wholesale centres?

The REALS ONEs open only at 10pm in the night (or even later) through till the morning and are just a stone's throw away from Doota.

Get off Dongdaemun History & Culture Subway Station, Line 2, Exit 14.
Walk pass aPM, Migliore, and when you get to Doota, cross the huge main road in front of Doota to the other side. 
Walk straight and you will see some brightly lit buildings as per the below pictures.

 These are the brightly-lit buildings I was referring to.

The buildings are obviously tall and big so you gotta prep yourself mentally in order to spend the whole night shopping!

Sometimes, they have extended shopping where they set up tents at the exterior of the building. Like our Singapore style "pasar malam".

These! These are the shopping bags of people who have shopped and are still shopping. And they "trustingly" leave their paid goods in the open. Amazing isn't it? That's why they say Seoul is a safe place!

 And here, the inside of the centres. Please don't expect some awesome shopping experience because the merchandise is just gonna be all over the floor like this.

And just so you know, to purchase, you have to buy a minimum of 5 pcs and some, up to 10 pcs. Some stores do allow 1-pc sale at retail price, but there are some that do not allow that... The material and qty are also decent along with it's price. 

The sight of ABUNDANCE!

Alright that's so much for tonight!


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