Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ice Skating @ Seoul Station

It's the last field trip of the year and we went ICE SKATING!

This is one of the nice things about staying in a country where there is winter. There will be new activities popping up here & there - one good example of a "pop-up" is that of ice-skating rink. And they "pop-up" at accessible locations where you won't miss - so if you ARE in Seoul now - or in Winter - GO check it out!

Our venue was at Seoul Station - same place where we had the massive kimchi-making exercise.

There is a small fee to pay for entering the rink, and you need to rent the skates and some other gear (if you prefer). I really don't enjoy wearing rented skates (who know how many thousands of feet has went in ther before -ewww. But gotta suck it up if I want to skate - no room for choices here.)

Because I am a roller-blade enthusiast, this was not too hard for me - the only hard part was squeezing with so many people! Gotta watch where you're going!

It was quite a successful field trip because everyone seem to have somewhat "bonded" during this trip. Look at them - they hardly talk in class and now they are holding hands?!

The other classmates cheekily peeking at those 2!

In the cold weather - these sorta exercise was pretty fun - keeps me warm and fuzzy!

And then. We went to Deoksugung (AGAIN)!

I was just there the last time before Winter.

See the snow by the side of the road? There are days where the snow gets mixed with mud and totally looks like "milo-on-the-rocks".

What used to be green-green grass of home has been covered completely by snow, so much so that it looks like a different place.

I like this shot the best - feels serene and peaceful!

*Checking out with a picture in the snow!* 
(I sneaked behind the fence to take this shot, notice the snow being rather clean with only a few foot prints? wa hahaha)

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