Monday, 20 December 2010

Gangnam Christmas Outing & 10 things to do this Christmas

I went to sleep last night at 4am and whilst i was falling asleep, random thoughts and words just flooded my head.

Christmas. Gifts. Dinners. Hang out. Friends. Family. And suddenly i wanted to climb out of bed to write about these following 10 things that came to my mind...

The TEN THINGS to do this Christmas:

1. Help - Because you have been helped some way or another and it brings immense joy, both to you and the party on the other.

2. Give - Because that means you have excess. Of what? Everything.

3. Receive - Because it simply brings joy to the giver.

4. Love - Because you have the capacity to. But first, love yourself.

5. Be loved - Because when you allow yourself to be loved., it means you can too, love.

6. Forgive - Because you have been forgiven too. If you don't forgive, it is your heart that's breaking.

7. Smile - Because some people can't even if they wanted to.

8. Hope - Because it means you are alive. Every breath represents a hope because you never know.

9. Laugh - Because taking everything too seriously will only make life harder.

10. Live - Because your life does not just belong to you, it also belongs to the people you love and love you.

Don't do these just for Christmas - do these everyday - i cannot guarantee 100% happiness or satisfaction, but i can guarantee you will feel different even if your situation remains constant. YOU - cannot change the environment, but YOU can change your mindset.

Here are just some shots of Christmas in Gangnam...
*Ahem* Yes, i organised a small class outing with my Chinese and Japanese classmates

Gangnam is known to be the high-class area where the who and who's hang out. This location is often related to wealthy people and hence, the place is often buzzing with life, good food and good brands.

Definitely looks more upmarket isn't it? 

Random street shots of the tall commercial buildings here.

I guess shopping here is comparable to Singaporeans shopping along Orchard road? 
Things are slightly more expensive.


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