Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cucumber Kimchi Making?

As agreed, I am back at Uncle Daniel's place for a session of Kimchi-making. But this time, I brought a guest - Huiwen - my Taiwan buddy!

Kimchi is a staple in Korea - I don't know any Koreans who don't enjoy Kimchi. Not yet.

Presumably most married women should be able to make their own kimchis for the family.  (I assume of all natures- radish, cucumbers etc.) 

So, without further ado, we arrived at Uncle Daniel's place to find his so-very sweet wife ready for action with all the raw ingredients needed for the session. Namely, onions, spring onions and cucumbers.

So we each had a part to play in the preparations by slicing, peeling and chopping.

This is the teach at work.


 Me looking so domesticated!

Hey yo! No skiving with the kid - taking selfies and all!
To balance the equation, here she is taking our share of selfies!

 Seriously, I should have been more serious and take notes instead of selfies, cos I cannot recall what are the next ingredients. All I remembered was the mixing, stirring and playing etc.

Was that salt and vinegar?


Oh well... to some extend, the fun was not in learning to make the kimchi, but the time spent having all our hands dipped in the same pot, mixing the vegetables thoroughly and working the sauce through all the vegetables as a team in momentum.

Needless to say, the Kimchi came out "daebak"! Can't expect any less from the expert home-maker!

We even got the approval of her girl!

At the end of the day, what was really memorable was that of spending time together, working towards a common goal. 

The night ended well with another session heart-warming dinner, reading stories to the girls and basically just chilling at home with them - just so awesome!

Ending this day on a high!

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