Friday, 19 November 2010

Speaking in Rhymes

When I have so much to say and yet dunno how to say it, I guess drawing sometimes can express them all. As the saying goes - A picture paints a thousand words.

My analysis - the girl in it, is me.
The rainbow is the promise that God has made to give me an abundant and fulfilling life...
The colorful rainbow equates to all the different colors that paint my life, these are experiences, people I met, the journey I took and all the spices and sweets that comes along with it.
The sky means I can reach as high as I want to, so long as I am willing to, because God watches over me.
All the bits of stars and hearts in the sky are the lovely people who pass me by to make my journey of life sweeter than it is. "Shinier" than it can be.

Tonight, I have been feeling extra melancholic.

Like everyone else, I DO:
get homesick. cry. suddenly laugh. feel PMS. feel the impulse of wanting to go home (especially AFTER paying up for the school fee for the next term here)

Yes, I procrastinate. A LOT. I waste too much time thinking about EVERYTHING and being bothered about them all..

AND YES, have the "green grass syndrome" that's where you always feel "the grass is greener on THE OTHER SIDE".

BUT, ultimately, although it means I am gonna have to miss my family a lot more, miss all the major occasions and spend them here "alone", miss my friends and my "support centre", miss the money I will be spending here, I believe this is all worth a shot. What is the point of doing something if you cannot do it with your all?  You might as well not do it at all!

I m speaking in rhymes in the middle of the night...
Don't ask me why,
I can't answer that, as I may not be in the right frame of mind

My heart aches at times, mostly late at night...
But somehow, I find,
A deep comfort inside

Many times, when I feel like giving up,
Feel in-confident, and feel like this whole thing sucks

Then a phone call comes, from somewhere, somehow

I don't believe in coincidences, nor in strange occurrences
For somewhere, somehow, God must have planted them all around

The angels whom I don't know,
The faces that don't show,
The shadows that come and go,
And all that I have yet to know...

Many things can seem dark, at first
Then only after that, will we see the light

Riddles I write, and these, straight off my mind
Maybe this is the best way to express what I feel inside

Know me? Know who am I?
Then you will know how to read between the lines.

ALL THAT stuff. Where did it come from?

OK it is 36 mins past 1 am in the morning now in cold, cold Seoul town. Time to turn in.

I miss home, I miss my love, I miss shalom. I miss the most of all, my comfort zone.

And there I go again, going on in rhymes, and I know I have a purpose and I know God knows why....

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