Thursday, 18 November 2010

Post-Exam Celebration - Time for KTV!

It's time to CELEBRATE! 

Finally the exams for this term is over.

Frankly, I am not really satisfied with my performance this term. I was rather distracted with adapting to the environment, playing (alot!) and just hibernating. I am just truly glad to have extended my stay for the next 3 months although I am quite afraid of winter... Urg... the cold, harsh winter...

Nevertheless, post-exam period will only be completed with celebrations - so - well, I promise I will work harder next month!

My Taiwanese friends decided we should have a KTV session (it is so cheap here!) and followed home-crashing (at their place) for dinner.

Absolutely love hanging out that their place.. Cosy and warm. Like family!

Our yummy fried-seasoned chicken! 양념통닭

Although it's really squeezy in the tiny living room of theirs - it was an ultra sweet ending to our post-exam celebration because I have friends whom I could celebrate with. 

No longer just a lone-ranger hanging out alone in this foreign city.

Dining in front of the TV! So very typical!

Our best self-taken group shot!

Feeling extremely grateful tonight!

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