Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Next move...

It's 1255am and the time has arrived for me to face reality.... Should I extend my stay here? I have already made the decision, but yet, I m just afraid...

In my 5th week, I foresee that by the 10th week, I will such be somewhat inefficient with Korean language...yes, probably making simple statements like "how are you, have you eaten, what do you want to eat... are you working now? Where are you going?" etc wouldn't be a problem.

These however, are REALLY basic questions and rather superficial, so conversing this way only means you can converse on a very superficial level. I expect to be somewhat more able to converse in a deeper level - to talk about emotions, feelings, reasons etc. Can I achieve that if I spend another 10 weeks here?

I really dunno for sure, but according to my "research", a minimum of 6 months here would have given me good fundamental knowledge and I can take it off from there. Thus, I have have decided. Yes, I will stay.

Of course, there are many other doubts raising in my head right now, like what about the money? When will I start earning money? When will I start working again? More importantly, what about Christmas and CP's Birthday and NY and CNY without being with my family?

(According to CP, he said we have another 100 years to celebrate together cause he forecast that we will live over a 100 - amen to that!)

Can I really take it when it gets sooo cold, not only in terms of temperature, but also in emotions having next to no physical kin next to me?

And the most realistic question- what will I be using this knowledge for?

I guess there will always be doubts when you take a leap for anything. But it's always better to take a leap at something than being stagnant, even if it means you may fail or fall. After all, experiences are what we are made of.

As per CP's words to wisdom (as I would presume, after living with him for the past 3 years): Think so much for what? Just make the decision and go!

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