Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hanuel Park, World Cup Park, 월드컵공원

Worldcup Stadium Station, Line 6, Exit 1

It's coming to the end of Autumn and there is so much more to explore. Why did it take this long to realise that Autumn is the best season of the year to catch beautiful scenery?

Well anyway, my Taiwanese friend and I decided to visit a random location called Hanuel Park.

According to the tour book that i was reading, this is the description:
"Hanuel Park shows how the World Cup Park was born out of landfill and became an eco-friendly park of now. It sits on the place where a huge garbage mountain used to be after it was covered with thick earth. Due to its highest location in the World Cup Park it has been called Hanuel Park. It can hold 3 World Cup Stadiums in its 190,000 metre square site. Just 15-minute walk from the entrance will allow you to have a wide view of Namsan Mt, Yeouido & Bukhansan Mt." 
Seoul Best 100

I didn't plan to enter the directions to this place, so i really don't have a detailed direction to give - all i can say is that it's a 15-minute walk, in random directions. But, you will find your way there with a map. Don't worry, alot of locals hang out here for Autumn. You can easily follow the crowd and end up at the right lcoation.

This is an example of walking in random directions. I don't even know where i am walking to.

These Autumn leaves are the last I can catch (i think), cos they look like they will wither soon.

Huiwen, my Taiwanese friend. See, we were secretly following the couples in front of us. )

Yes, in order to arrive at the destination, we need to cross this stream (also out of nowhere).

Finally, we arrived at the "great bridge" where we will need to cross and we will get to our destination. 

Nope, this photo does no justice to the place cos the weather was too misty. i can imagine how the scenery would have looked if the skies were clear.

Anyways, this shot was a half-way shot whilst we were climbing up the stairs after crossing the bridge. 

A shot from the top of the bridge.

Well the park was filled with these tall-looking "la-lang" lookalike plants. It somewhat reminds me of the scenes commonly found in dramas where couples go to romantic dating places and play hide-and-seek. (My imagination right?)

This is an example of the many paths created among the plants. It's really like a maze, cos every corner you turn into looks the same as the previous one. So ... 

This is the best shot i can get from the top.

I like this place, and though the sky was misty and unclear and i couldn't get good shots, the experience there was great. Totally enjoyed just walking around with no aim in mind and just soaking up the ambience and company.

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