Friday, 15 October 2010

The forest behind my school

I really don't understand why time flies this quickly. It is like - wink, and there 6 weeks has past without a sign. 왜?

I guess this just means i have been making full use of my time here to see places and learn.

Before i came - i have been so uncertain about what to expect and even thought 3 months is long! (And the rest of my family in Singapore still think so!) And yet now, as i inch closer to the day i depart, i feel that sense of melancholy. I guess this is what happens when you adapt too well...hmmm....

My Korean studies is getting slightly better, but i know that by 3 months (if i only stick to the textbook)... I will not be able to hold a decent conversation when i return... not to mention, i think iwill NOT be able to sing "nobody"! So i have taken steps to try learn as many everday expressions as possible... I hope my 3 months here will not be a wasted trip... Time passes way too fast to achieve what i have set out to achieve! ARG!....

Usually, when i am overwhlemed with thoughts... i like to "escape" into my own world and just hide away (although i know horoscopes are more like "horrorscopes"... i do think i have the characteristics of a "crab... they are soft on the inside, hard on the outside and when they face a not so ideal situation - they just hide...)

This is the perfect haven for hiding.... and it is in my school compound!
So one day, after school, i have decided to explore an unfamiliar newfound trek that looks tempting... I just followed the road and up i went... Initially, i was going to look for somewhere that i could sit and write my diary, but somehow, i decided to just challenge myself further and walk - the more i walked, the deeper i went and soon, i realised, i could not identify the accurate route back! Tell me about being over-confident!

God sent angels that took me the nearest bus stop.... I WILL explore this route again! This time, i will bring breadcrumbs to drop along the way! :)

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